Where to Buy Calligraphy Supplies

From my previous post, you now know WHAT calligraphy materials you will start with. Now the question is WHERE can I purchase these?! Just hold on a little bit. 🙂

For Philippines Residents, here is the list I know that have the materials I have mentioned.

Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Fudenosuke Pens

– Physical Stores:

– Check ALL physical stores in TombowPH’s Facebook page!

– Online Stores:

Scribe Writing Essentials

The Craft Central [NEW!]

Rhodia Pads

– Physical Stores:

– Check all the branches on their Facebook page! Click here: Scribe Writing Essentials

– Online Stores:

– Scribe Writing Essentials

Crayola Broad Tips and SuperTips Pens

– Physical Stores:

– I believe there are Crayola pens in National Book  Stores. I don’t know exactly which branch have these.


I thank God that there are online stores for calligraphy materials in Pinas. I, personally, purchase materials online because it’s hassle-free and I can avoid traffic. This is also the best thing to do when you are in provinces that have less physical stores with calligraphy materials. Yes, it comes delivery fee but, hey, the fee is just as the value (or even less than) if you’re gonna go to their physical stores! The pamasahe plus the pagod and all the plus, plus, and plus. Haha. Isn’t it amazing!


If you’re in the USA, there are lots of options you can choose from.

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

– If you are a Prime member of Amazon, you can purchase these pens and in 2 days, it’ll be delivered to you! Isn’t it amazing? Click here to go to Amazon.

– Of course, Tombow has its own website you can check with varieties of pens. Click here to go to their site.

Tombow Fudenosuke Pens

– You can purchase at Amazon.

– Even in Tombow’s site you can purchase these.

– Or in JetPens!

Rhodia Pads



Crayola Broad and SuperTips Pens

– Physical stores such as Walmart and Target have these pens.

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Happy writing! Write beautifully with a purpose.



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2 thoughts on “Where to Buy Calligraphy Supplies

  1. Hello Ms Tin. Loving your blog. So helpful for someone like me who’s trying to learn something new. I actually jumped in this calligraphy thing without doing much research. The ending was I was able to buy 3 nibs of different sizes and 2 bottles of india ink + 1 calligraphy pen and plenty of nice notebooks! And 1 set of beautiful colored sign pens + 2 fountain pens with refills. How’s that, before I even get started?
    Then I found your page on FB. After so many stores that I went in to, I got 1 brush pen, color green. The only color there is in a craft store in our place, and 2 pieces left actually. Practice sheets? So expensive for a newbie like me, I thought. So I just download and have it printed on smooth bond paper. And yes, I’m trying to control not to buy any brush pens yet because I want to finish the basic strokes first.
    Before bed time, when everything else is done, I would practice the strokes. Since I got only one brush pen, and afraid it might run out of ink, I would use water color and brush and some old notebooks to practice. I also have a number of unused planners. I think it’s about time to put them in use. 
    You’ve helped and inspired me in this beautiful journey. I pray that I will be able to sustain it. Indeed, practice makes progress. And yes, it’s never too late. 

    1. Awww… what a wonderful journey you have! You’re doing a great job! Keep it up! Definitely you’ll be able to sustain it. 🙂 You’re on the right track. Thank you for me one of your inspirations! Most important still, may you write beautifully not for people to be impressed but for God who sees you through and through. God bless your journey! I’ll be here to guide you (through this blog) all the way I can! 🙂

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