Mababaw lang po ang kaligayahan ko. I love simple joys. I love how God surprised me this week with a free gift card from Amazon worth $XX. Haha secret na lang kung magkano. It was like, Lord seriously?! Ang galing, galing, galing Mo talaga! Thank youuuuu!! That’s how I talk to God. Haha.

After giving thanks, I checked Amazon and see my Shopping List. Mahaba na po yung listahan ko sa Amazon. Naka-tengga lang po for future purchase. LOL. I had no hesitations to get the help of Kath to purchase what I wanted. She’s a Prime holder, by the way.

And today, almost all purchased items were delivered. I was so happy I received it after the service. It was like God telling me, Ayan Tin anak anjan na yung gusto mo. Alam kong masaya ka. Yes, God!!! I’m reaaaalllllyyyyy happpppyyyyy. I can’t get off my smile! I’m excited to use them!

Taddaaaa!! My lettering materials! Tin ano yan?


Well, as you can see, those are the materials para sa ka-ART-ehan ko. 🙂 Aquash Brush is simply a watercolor brush pen. This is usually used for watercolor lettering just like this below. I just searched Google (not mine).


That’s what I wanted to attain or at least to know how to do lettering using watercolor brush. 🙂 After getting myself prepared for my first session, I readied my laptop (for Youtube tutorials), my brushes, my watercolor tubes, my paper, a paper plate (alternative for paint palette since it wasn’t delivered yet), and a lot of paper towels. As much as I wanted to perfect my first attempt to do advance lettering, I ended up this!


Oh diba! Ang hot! Haha. After this attempt, I researched more. I learned that to be able to perfect the lettering you must first start with the basics – write the letters of the alphabet one by one. What? Yup. It was like I got back from Grade 01. I was like a kid tryin’ hard to do the cursive thing. I thought it was stupid for me to do that. PRIDE. Haha. I did it anyway. But guess what, I loved it!


I have to learn the heights. I need the ruled papers! I was favored enough that I had a pad of ruled papers. Thank you, God! It’s just like this: unnamed-22Aside from the height, I learned about the Hand Pressure thing in lettering. Up for light pressure. Down for heavy. I like how High Pulp present a simple, straight forward tutorial on the basics of brush pen lettering. Here are the links of the tutorial:

P.U.S.H. Persevere Until Something Happens. I did. Haha. Before the day ended, I managed to create some lettering that is worth sharing.

At ‘di lang yan. Haha. To have a bunk of my ka-ART-ehan, I decided to create another Instagram account that is in public format to put all my Letters and ka-ART-ehan in one place. You can check it out and well, follow me!

I am enjoying this new hobby. I just wanna letter for Him and Him alone. <3

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