The Basic Strokes in Calligraphy (1 of 2)

Note: There will be tutorial videos here. Check them out. 🙂

Let’s start the fun! I know you’re already excited to write words beautifully but didn’t you know that the letters of the alphabet are combinations of some basic strokes? That’s we are about to discuss and write here.

There are two (2) rules I want you to put into heart, mind, and soul (lol).

  1. Up Strokes are THIN.
  2. Down Strokes are THICK.

It sounds pretty easy BUT it takes a LOT of practice to at least give justice to your THINs and THICKs. Don’t worry. If you get frustrated with it, think about this: I CAN RELATE WITH YOU. I also started with that frustration. So if I was able to do it, SO YOU CAN. 🙂

“She believed she could, so she did.” -R. S. Grey

Below are the series of basic strokes you should learn how to write. I have added tutorial videos so you can get a glimpse on how it should be written.

There are 9 basic strokes that I know which you and I have to learn. I’ll be giving you the first 4 of those so you can practice. Be sure to practice, okay? Always remember, PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS. Practicing what you want makes a difference. It will surely progress in time. The more you practice, the nearer you’ll get to your goal. Have fun!








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Happy writing! Write beautifully with a purpose.



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