A few of you knew that this was coming.  A lot don’t.

My social media pages (in Instagram and Facebook) have barely few followers than artists I know. Then why the heck am I giving away goodies worth Php2,500 for each social media page? For followers? For fame? Maybe yes; or maybe something deeper than that.

Let me tell you something that’s worth sharing.

This month I am celebrating my first year anniversary in my artistic journey. It was a bittersweet ride. I learned the hard way. I bought materials I thought were for beginners. Little did I know that there were other tools that were more newbie-friendly. Lol. However, it didn’t stop my eagerness to learn this craft. I diligently do the drills every single day. Frustrations were at its finest. I told God, Lord You gave me a heart for this craft. I want to be better each day. Help me and bless my hands. By faith and consistency, the rest was history. 🙂

One year passed and I am continuously learning and this time sharing what I learned and giving back to the community – thus this #OneTINgiveaway.

Just to shed light on the hearsay of this giveaway – like to gather more followers because I’m a l-o-s-e-r to it – let me make this clear. 🙂 I am hosting this contest so as to celebrate my anniversary. Part of the mechanics (since I teamed up with other sponsors), #2 mechanics has to be there.

This is not just an ordinary giveaway, really. How is it different from other giveaway contest?

In #4 mechanics, you tell about the struggles you had during your first few weeks or months in your chosen craft. You reflect the struggles (or your current ones, so to speak) in doing calligraphy and lettering; then you tell how you pulled it off! You see the difference? You get to share your journey!

With this, I am inviting you to join my First Giveaway Contest with the hashtag, #OneTINgiveaway. You have two ways to join. Click on the links below. May the force be with you! Keep on writing! Keep on inspiring!


Contest will run until the end of the month. Spread the news and let’s share our journey! Let’s make God known one letter at a time.

Write beautifully with a purpose. 🙂



Tin Regis

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