Letter the Names Project


I’ve been silent since the first week of March. Lots of things happened that I wasn’t able to catch up here. BUT my Instagram account, @artinnnerz, has been so noisy since then! Haha! That’s because I was busy doing stuff on lettering. I asked my dear friend, Ate Ana (be sure to follow her blog and IG account), who has a heART for the nations, to be my mentor in lettering, calligraphy, and arts. I asked, Ate I want to get better in this craft. How? I thought her response would be, buy new stuff, research more, study more. She said, make a project. I was like, What? She then explained. Okaaaay. So. Stick to one theme. Draw the letters. Theme… theme… theme…

Then came this idea! Well, I was already writing names of those people I dearly missed in the Philippines. Ugh what a way to express my homesickness! Okay, so here it goes. The theme and project I named Letter The Names Project. Drawing the names of people I know and adding personality to it. Like, a dear friend who loves to read and collect books. So, with that in mind, I might draw the letters of her name that will look like books! The concept is just like the 365 Project which you’ll gonna take photos (in my case, letter the names) every day and post it to that site (in my case, my lettering IG account). So by the end of the year, I have to letter 365 names!

I asked her, but why should I do this to get better? Well, simple, she said, you’ll get better in this craft when you letter regularly and consistently. Tools such as brushes, pens, papers, etc will follow through. You’ll get to know what tools you should have along the way. Now that’s a piece of advice! Practice makes progress. Do the basics. Letter the names and see your progress along the way.

As of this writing, I am now in my 27th name. I still have 338 to go! I am also participating in the Letter Archive Project in Instagram. I letter quotes and random stuff once in a while. I just can’t help pouring out some of my emotions in letters! Oh well.

Journey with me in my #LetterTheNamesProject as I progress in my new found craft. I wanna get better and better and better for God’s glory!

Yay for today! ^_^

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