It’s been a week since I started the brush lettering. Yup, new found hobby or better yet, new found fascination. I am always fascinated with the letters I see in Pinterest and Instagram. I always thought that someday matututo akong magsulat ng ganyan. And that someday came to pass. If I may, let me share to you the chronicles of my #LetraAtKaartehan. Wee! New hashtag na namanOrayt!

First, I followed A LOT of people and companies in Instagram, pinned A LOT of lettering in Pinterest, and I Googled A LOT of information on how to do the basics of brush lettering. I bumped into the practice sheets. Some of the practice sheets I printed have light gray silhouette for me to trace on. Good thing some of the practice sheets are blanked with ruled lines for free-hand lettering. And I’m set for the week.

Since I work on a normal work hours (may abnormal pong work hours), I always spare an hour after work for me to practice. First, the practice sheets then I write a quote to apply what I learned/practiced for the day. I always, always end up with a contented heart with what I accomplished everyday.

And here are my letters and kaaretahan for week one!


The following lettering are in chronological order. I can sense that, truly, practice makes progress. I’m really happy for my first week progress. I won’t stop learning. I’ll keep digging for more. P.U.S.H. Persevere. Until. Something. Happens.

I am still a work in progress. ‘Til next week! 🙂

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