Many ask how many are my pens? Have I hoarded?

To tell you the truth, I didn’t. I bought 1 pack of 10 (primary palette) way back May this year as a birthday gift for myself. Since then, I only use 10 pens which most of them got frayed up.

I saved up for another 1 pack of 10 (bright palette) after 3 months. 3 months of saving up for that amount. Reason was that I wanted purple and pink.

Then I aggressively saved up for another pack; I bought the gray scale palette pack of 10. Reason for buying the palette was for shadowing.

And then I was blessed with 2 packs of limited edition Shonen and Shojo palettes when I won the #GoLocoOverTombow contest of SM Stationery PH and Tombow PH.

All in all, I do have 50 pens. Half of these are still in good condition. The rest were frayed but still can be used and have lots of ink.

You see, you need not to hoard tools in order for you to be content. There’s nothing wrong with hoarding but when that ‘thing’ causes you to set aside other stuff that must be prioritized first (like improving your strokes and more important stuff at home) that becomes a problem. After all, this started as a hobby so there’s no I-really-NEEDED-them-now feeling.

May 2017 be a year where we can be wise in buying materials for our artistic journey. May this coming year be a year full of colors and growth! May we be blessed this coming year! Mapagpalang bagong taon! 🙂


Tin Regis <3

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