10 Essential Pages You SHOULD Add To Your Journal

Are you looking for pages or lists that you can add to your journal? Ha! This blog is for you. 🙂

In the past two years of bullet journaling, I tried so many lists. Some of them were scrapped out because those didn’t work – routine tracker, mood tracker, etc. But there are lists that stick with me through the years and I constantly update them.

Let me share them to you. I hope you can use them, too! 🙂

So Recap:

  1. My Bucket List – List of experiences or achievements that I hope to accomplish before I die.
  2. Places I Want To Go List – This is my travel list. This is the list of all places and not just countries that I want to visit. Be more specific as much as possible.
  3. Books To Read List – This list helps me keep track of what book to read next.
  4. My Wish List – In this page, you list down the stuff you want and save up for it.
  5. Fitness Tracker – List down your weight, BMI, Body Fat %, Muscle Mass %, Waist Line, and Lower Waist Line.
  6. Short and Long Term Goals – Make your goals as S.M.A.R.T. as possible. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. and Timely.
  7. Faith Goals – You may or may not do this but for me I always have this every single year. Putting my faith and trust in God will always be the number one thing in my life.
  8. Brain Dump – This is where all of your ideas on all sorts of areas are listed down.
  9. Gratitude Page – List down one or two things you are grateful for the day.
  10. Monthly Highlights – List down or doodle what happened during the month. If you have memorabilia such as train and movie tickets, attach them here.

There are tons of lists in the internet. Choose some of them and if they work for you, be consistent every single journal. ‘Til next blog!

Always remember to inspire the world one letter at time. 🙂


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