Manila Ocean Park is one of our favorite destinations. Why? Because it’s for the family!

November 2013 was such a tragic month for my family. Yolanda took hold of our province. I thank God that He spared my family.

And I would probably say that this is one of the most joyous Christmas I have ever experienced.

And here are some of the pictures during our visit. Enjoy!

When everything is about ocean, you would probably be in awe of how God made all these creatures!

When narcissism strikes your sissy. Haha.

My family is just enjoying every piece and every place here!


There you go. Daniel and Kathryn?! Haha. What I like most of this couple is they stick up together no matter how cruel one is. When everyone reasons out their defense, they just ended up loving each other. Awww. Ang cheesy niyo lang ah.


And my family. I just love them. <3

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