Will You Honor God This 2015?

At the beginning of the year we have the season of prayer and fasting in our local church. This is to realign our hearts with what God’s.

Fasting is a spiritual weapon God uses to advance His kingdom, change the destiny of nations, spark revival, and bring victory in people’s lives. There is something powerful that happens when we voluntarily humble ourselves, seek God’s will, and agree with Him for His purposes to be fulfilled. (Taken from Prayer and Fasting 2015 booklet)

This year is the year that gives reverence to God. Honor God.

As I write this blog, it’s the fifth day of prayer and fasting. First two days of fruits only and the last three days, water fast. First time to do this type of fast. I felt God spoke to me to do the water fast and commit to it. So I did. Mahirap.

A fasting combined with prayer and reading the Word of God. As I look back this week’s experience, I can’t help but to be teary-eyed of how amazing the Lord is! He indeed sustains me! Yung alam mong hindi mo kaya yung water fast pero you submitted and committed to Him and He indeed honored your faithfulness. C’mon, Lord! He indeed is an awesome and worderful, God!

Honor God. What does it mean to honor God? Akala ko dati, honoring God is just all about singing praises anf worship to Him. Hindi pala.

Honor came from the Greek word doxa that originally means value, esteem of the highest degree, dignity. When we honor God, we are giving Him the precious value and reverence that He deserves. It should reflect in everthing we do and say. (Taken from Prayer and Fasting 2015 booklet)

This year, I am choosing to honor God in every way that I could. Not the assurance of my salvation but merely giving Him reverence of who He is.

I’ll Honor God’s Name. This 2015 is a committment of honoring God in what and how I speak.

I’ll Honor God With My Worship. Not just about singing praises to Him. Worship is more than that. True worship is worshipping God in Spirit and in truth. Daily worship, prayer, and Bible reading. A quality time everyday of my life with Him. Just like a romantic relationship, our relationship with God requires qualitu time – without distractions of social media and any other stuff.

I’ll Honor God With My Wealth. Knowing what I have and everything on Earth and heaven is His, I’m humbled to be in a position with nothingness apart from Him. Wealth is part of it. I now understand that only God provides for me and for my family. It is through all means – my work, blessed by others, businesses, etc. All is His. All that I have belongs to Him. Firstfruits, tithes, are for Him for the advancement of His kingdom. Malachi 3:8-12.

I’ll Honor God With My Body. This 2015 I’m going to honor God with my body i.e. by taking care of it. Physical health is really important to advance the kingdom of God. I now understand that I was bought for a prize, the blood of Jesus through the Cross. That is why I must take care of it. I’ve decided to be physically fit for me to be used by God in anyway possible.

I’ll Honor God With My Service. This year will be a year where I’ll be able to serve God through the skills and talents He gave me in any way He wants to.

Honoring God in these ways require effort. But if you truly understand of who Jesus is and what He has done for you, it will come smoothly. A life that is storm-proof life. A life honoring to God.

As I end, I encourage you to honor God with these ways. It’s a win-win situation. 🙂

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