Who Said God isn’t Faithful?


Can’t contain the greatness of what God did in my second season leading a victory group! The highlights of this season. I didn’t include the endless fruitful fellowship time every time we meet.

1.) We literally grew in numbers! Cris, Joan, Em, and Ana joined the group this season. A really answered prayer!

2.) Joan, Em, and Kit went through Victory Weekend! Half of the group! C’mon ladies! Time to take it the next level again! And, Ana she’s next. 🙂

3.) Lastly, the radical response of being a leader, as well. Cris is now released from the group. She’s gonna be leading now! And Em, Kit, Sel, next level na, okay? 🙂

As the season break starts, always remember what I casted to you the vision we have. Ayoko na sila makita. Haha. I want new faces. 🙂

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