When Warm Shower Gave Me Chills

It’s 12:36 in the morning. Had a warm bathe just to learn that it isn’t the solution of my aching head. Ugh. Migraine, why you so rude! It’s as if a block is banging the right side of my head. Can somebody help me out?!

With the LSS of Victory Worship’s Forever Be, my warm shower has been amazingly musical and.. uhm.. soothing. With its soothing rhythm, I remembered my small chat with a friend in Messenger.

It’s 12:36 in the afternoon. I had to stop writing last night as my migraine worsened. I vomited almost everything I ate.

Let me get back to what I was saying. So much more with my migraine. It’s still there but I’m slowly getting better than last night.

With the soothing rhythm, I remembered my recent chat with my friend. It covered his recent entry in his blog. All is goin’ well when I uttered one expression that sounded quite innocent for me. He was like, really?! Google the meaning of it. With that single expression I was like being washed with a very cold bathe! All this time, I was cursing people!

Maybe for some this is an exaggeration but here’s the thing. Proverbs 18:21 tells us,

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

Our tongue has power. It’s a double-edged sword. Either we speak life or we speak destruction – intentionally or unintentionally. Every word we speak, speaks more of what we value. Every word we speak, speaks more about us. Think about it.

Does our daily expressions speak life or we are unintentionally cursing other people or even ourselves? All this time, I was blind but someone really took the effort of rebuking such. Am grateful.

Do you have the same experience? Or are you living in uttering curses unintentionally through your daily expressions? Are you speaking life? Or are you speaking destruction?

I pray that you also think about the things you are uttering in a daily basis. It may not really damage you but if it’s already in your habit of speaking such, it will definitely add to your character.

Now, I am conscious of what I’m uttering. It might be difficult at first but the long term effect is really bright. 🙂 Bright! Haha! I don’t know what word should I add there.

Be cautious. Speak Life. 🙂

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