WelcomeZion Asia-Manila

And here we go again. Wohoo! I’d rather use my hard earned money to see this kind concert than any other concerts. 🙂 Opinion ko lang naman ‘yun. Well anyway, my first time to hear Hillsong United first hand! Experience toh!

While waiting, we were able to catch-up with the rest of the victory groups and met new friends. 🙂

From left, Saji, Rej, Ate Ai, Grace, Joan, Me, Kit, and Vip. 🙂
Then with the Accenture people! From left, Mark, Jinro, Cris, and Joan.
And it started. All praise and worship for 3 hours! Amazing!

Ang galing galing galing ni Lord! Thank you, God, for letting me experience this once in a lifetime event in Manila. I praise you because You are so great and all glory comes from You!

And everybody else. I love these bunch of kiddos. <3

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