Think English. Speak English.


“Better yourselves.” Just one of a few quotable quotes from my previous project delivery lead that stuck in my mind. It encompasses not just technical but soft skills, as well. Now that includes speaking in English fluently.

Almost everyone of us tend to think Pinoy and translate it to English during a convo with another race. It only adds time before we could relay our message to our client. Not to mention, we always say ‘Aahhmm’. We always end up frustrated because the call was not productive.

Why not think English so you can speak fluently? Be creative. And don’t forget to have fun! And, oh, haven’t I said you can always, always have a convo in English outside work? Like in church, coffee shop, etc? Lahat ng Pinoy kahit papano marunong mag-English.

Wanted to thank my dearest friend Miya Dionisio who equipped and empowered me to do the challenge. I am still working on it but, hey, a progress is a progress, right? I do exercises such as recording ‘speech’ every time I read a newspaper. I read out loud so I can hear my voice. A lot of ways to have fun while learning! Have fun!

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