The Spackage at Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa

The Dream Team opted for a more relaxing new year celebration. We’d opted for SPA! Now, where to go? Hmmm. First sinundo nila ako. Haha. Kidding. The place where we’re heading to is just 30 minutes away from my flat.

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San nga uli kami pupunta? Lakad. Lakad. Lakad.

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And we’re here! At Loreland Farm Resort!

Loreland Farm Resort is just few minutes from the metro. Situated at Sitio Loreland, Antipolo, Rizal. Antipolo is famous for being a pilgrimage site but is also known to have a scenic view of the metropolis, with its high elevation.

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How amazing God’s creations, right?
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Much more amazing with those kiddos. LOL.

And now the SPAckage we’ve been waiting! First off, the spa is known as the Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa.

Now the reception area and the jacuzzi.

If you just want to get off from the hussle and buzzle of the metro, why not check this place. Spa. Food. Meditation. Peace.

And now the fish spa!!

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Okay, this is the best candid photo I have with the team. Haha. Gab kinikiliti ka ba? Haha.

We had a chance to play sungka. It’s a game most Filipinos or Asians play.

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Sungka or Sungkaan
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The battlefield.
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The boys of the team.

And they also have their own infinity pool. Actually I don’t know what infinity pool is until I asked Google. Haha.

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They also have this area where you can just rest while waiting for the other group of people finish their infinity pool experience. You can just rest, read, or just have some pictorials!

Miryenda time! But first, let’s play SCRABBLE!! Geek games, huh?

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War Games.
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Their finished game.

I’d like to commend Antipolo for making this very delicious suman.

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Then the sunset. 🙂

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Then we head out for the full-body spa. I opted for hard. It’s a combination of Swedish and Thai.

And the last part, DINNER!! Mark had to head out before sunset to attend to another appointment.

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I though this dinner won’t make me full. Ang unti kasi. To my surprise, nabusog ako!

I thank these people for bringing me here. There’s a lot of first destinations with them. ‘Til next!

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