That Thing That Made Me Mad

You did something ‘wrong’ and lately you realized people who surrounds you pinpoint what that thing was. Experienced this? I was. Many, many times!

I always thought I’ve learned from this stuff. I always thought what I did is just something in the norm. People does those things. People thought its normal until someone or a group of people who you look up to just threw thorns in you not knowing their real intention. I always thought I’ve would never do that thing again.

Pride. It all boils down to pride. Why is it that the first thought or feeling I experienced upon reading that reprimand is the feeling of anger, guilt, and shame. Always those three. Anger, guilt, shame – why me, where most of the people do it?

They make it a point not to compare yourself to other’s fault. Can’t help. The posts of other people within the bay flashes back in my mind. Were they reprimanded, as well? Were they been called up by the other authorities? I do not know. Maybe yes. Maybe not.

Honor God

God spoke to me after reading the message. Honor Him. On tha instant, did I truly honored Him? During the time I did that thing, did I truly honored Him. No. Definitely not. My impulsive actions prevailed that time not knowing God was hurt. He knew the rules of the bay. I also did. So impulsive Tin.

I don’t want to swear but I will truly so my best to please Jesus in every way – my life, my actions, at home, at work, evrrywhere. God is omnipresent. Everything is barely naked to Him. He knows what inner thoughts are. He know what I am doing. And upon writing this blog which I am in a jeepney heading to Pioneer for the Victory Pioneer Volunteers general orientation, I know God is pleased of writing this thought. He knows my heart. I repented and He forgave me. Yes, He did. How did I know? There’s peace. I was sincere and He is faithful to me. 🙂

Keep pleasing Jesus in every way.
Continue to Honor God.

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