Dear God,

This letter (or blog) is for You. 🙂
Thank You for truly making me grateful all this time. I’d like to use my internet space to say Thank You for giving things and people into my life.

Thank You, God, for giving…

MY FAMILY. I’m grateful that despite the distance, we remained intact. If I could re-live my life and choose a new set of family, I would still choose them. We are not perfect but we are happy. That’s all that matters. 🙂

MEG. Special mention to her because our relationship became closer and deeper in ways I can’t explain. She became my confidant. I learned a lot of things from her. I love her. <3

A GROWING TECHNOLOGY. Most especially Facebook (including Messenger) and Instagram. Social media is my tool in connecting with my family and friends. Video calls are really part of my growing relationship with Mama and Papa. In all fairness, Mama knows na how to do this and that in Facebook!

OUT-OF-THE COUNTRY OPPORTUNITY. Yes, this on-site opportunity. It’s almost a year outside of my homeland – outside of my comfort zone. It’s quite a struggle yet I am forever grateful You gave this to me. I was able to experience things I never thought I would before 30.

ST. LOUIS GCP FAMILY. They are my family in this foreign land.

ANOTHER DREAM. You, God, sifted my dreams early this year. You’ve made me slowly let go of my dream of being a Broadway theater artist and gave me a new one. You’ve given me a dream to make Your Name known one letter at a time. It’s quite BIG that I really need help. I’m holding on to Your promises, God.

KOMSHY GURLZ. Most especially to Maf and Gla. Komshy gurlz will always be in my heart forevs. I really appreciate they took time in doing Skype calls with me and Tiff (Japan) and catch up with all the puns and funs in the world. Giving pieces of advice for both of them. One in her ministry and the other in her not-yet-publicized relationship. Hihi. <3

A GENEROUS HEART. One thing is for sure, Lord. I am blessed in anyway possible. Yes, I am, including finances and time. Realizing that my source of everything and in anything is YOU and YOU ALONE makes all the difference. You know Lord that I am frugal but You blessed me to bless others. You’ve made me a channel of Your blessings. You gave me wisdom to discern things when it comes to generosity. I am grateful.

JESUS. Lastly, I am grateful that You’ve given Jesus, Your One and Only Begotten Son, as a ransom for ALL my sins. Jesus, who shed His blood on the Cross just for me to be reconciled with You. Jesus, You are my Savior and You will always be. My life is Yours and I will live it for You.


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