Singles Talk: It’s Not That Complicated


Speakers: Joseph and Carla Bonifacio
Feb 27, 2014 Victory Pioneer

Courtship: One man looking for one woman for one life time.

One man: It is the role of a man to lead in a relationship.

The Man Pursues the Woman.

-the promise of boyhood: all of the benefits, none of the cost.

2.) OWN
-take responsibility
-carry the weight
-take responsibility for your actions

-Ephesians 5:27
-Sacrifice yourself for your woman. And you will enjoy the result.

The Women’s Role:

1.)We are wired to wait.
-Ephesians 5:24
-when we respect God’s design, everything falls into the right place.

2.) Wait. But don’t stop.
Know. Know your season.

Enjoy. Yes I am single. And you have to be amazed to change it!


3.) To wait is to have faith.
-wait for the goodness of the Lord.
-I have the perfect one: Jesus
-John 15:13

Non-negotiables of a woman:
-leader yung man

The man can lead as He submits to Jesus’ leadership.

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