Second Season. New Leaders.


It has been my second season since I was raised as victory group leader. So much thank you to my former victory group leader, Ate Aileen, who empowered me in becoming leader – who disciples for Christ. Also my victory coach, Tita Malu. 🙂

It has been a challenge this season. In terms of numbers and in terms of my walk with Jesus. But God was so faithful that He honored my desire to lead. From two members, the group became a 6-member group. See how faithful He is? 🙂 It’s really not about me, my abilities, my perky attitude. But it is all about His goodness and His love for His people.

But it’s not the main point. Haha. Growth in number is just a cherry on top of our love for Him. Another thing is raising leaders. Hindi naman dapat ako lang. Ako. Ako. Ako. It is not about me. It is about reaching out to people. Sowing seeds to them. And letting God grow that seed in them.

Maricris was my intern for this season. I am so happy with what God is doing in her life. I thank her obedience to say yes in discipling. Sabi ko nga, season-season lang yan. Nauna lang saken. Sumunod sa kanya. In the next season, she is now released from the group and will be leading one!

I am really praying for the rest of the members now to be leaders as well. Ayoko na silang makita. Meaning, output must be seen already. Tama na ang sobrang spiritual feeding. They already become obese. That is why during the last victory group meeting last September 29, I casted the vision of the church – to go and make disciples. I will still continue to pray for them.

And this invite, it’s for the season-ender Leaders’ Convergence this Saturday wherein the leaders meet and check the status of the season and cast yhe vision for the season break.

Ang galing lang kasi dalawa na kami ngayon. Dati isa lang ako. Wohoo!

I am claiming new souls to be saved this season break and hopefully to invite them in my group.

All credits go to Him. Thank you Jesus! Iba ka!

–Tin Regis

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