Saved Festival 2014: No Other Name!


It was last June or July when Becca Music announced through their Facebook page that Israel Houghton and New Breed will be coming to Manila through the Saved Festival. I never hesitated to saved an ample amount of money for the ticket ’cause I know a worship concert will be worth it. Seeing those fellow Filipinos singing praises to God. Just WOW.

And just so favored that bunso was blessed with a ticket just like mine! Wow! Her very first time to witness a worship concert at the Big Dome! Ang galing!


And October 11 came. This Saturday was a tight schedule for me. I am in a night shift schedule. Leadera’s Covergence Season Ender on the afternoon and Saved Festival on the evening. Where was my sleep? Haha. 3 hours. It was all I need to keep me going.

Well anyway, down to the event. MRT. Jam-packed. Corned beef. Kala mo sardinas hindi na ngayon. Corned beef na ang tawag dahil sa sobrang siksikan sa loob. That’s my daily train. Sanay na.

Thank God I wasn’t late! 7:30PM. Front act? RADICAL LOVE!

Main theme. NO OTHER NAME. What’s in a name? Well, it gives you a persona. It gives you an identity. Some names can say that they see future but dies eventually. What Name is the only Name that saves? Would you know? Would you care?

Victory Worship. Napaisip ako. Halos lahat ata taga-Victory dito sa Araneta eh. Halos lahat alam ang kanta. Halos lahat nakakasabay. Radical Love. Grace Changes Everything. Wow. Every time I sing that song, it always reminds me about what Jesus did for me, for you. A loving God but at the same time a just God. Thank you Jesus for saving me! Thank you for Your passionate love! For Your radical love!

Esterlyn. Di ko sila kilala. Their songs are aligned about God being the Father of the fatherless. The Fighter for the hopeless. When the worship lead exhorted about what Esterlyn means, I was so amazed. Esterlyn is his adopted sister, if I remembered it right. A Chinese decent. Esterlyn.

Francis Chan. The author of the book, Forgotten God, which Kit lent me. A simple yet radical message. All throughout his message, he always encourage every person in the Big Dome to read the book named, Bible. His measage is not his. It’s from God. A whole new perspective about the Earth. Oo nga naman. The earth is round. It has rocks and lava within it YET has water on it. See how amazing earth is. At eto pa, it revolves every second YET hindi tayo nahihilo. Amazing? AWESOME! Who created it? Think about it. 🙂 I like his comparison of earth with the tea cup in Disney Land. Nahihilo ka sa tea cup. It is because it is man-made. The earth? Who created it? Must be magnificent. Must be omnipotent. Must be eternal. GOD!

Israel Houghton and New Breed. The band behind Jesus Be The Center and Friend of God! Wow! First song? No Other Name! Ang galing! I was flattered with what Israel told about the Philippines amongst other countries in Asia. That they purposely let Philippines be their last stop in Asia. Wala kasi makakapantay sa pag worship ang mga Pinoy! For God’s glory yan!

Halos lahat ng mga kanta nila bago. Natuwa ako sa Te amo I love you con todo mi corazon oohhooohhhoo! Spanish-English song.

A spirit-filled band. Sabi pa nga ni Ate Jeng, para lang silang nagcecelebrate sa stage. What an adrenaline rush for Jesus! At eto pa pala, kasama kami sa live music video nila sa bago nilang album! Wow!

T’was a 5-hour worship experience at the Big Dome. First time na ganun ka-tagal na worship concert! The experience, indescribable! Looking forward nga ako next year kasi meron na naman. News Boys!


And oh, thank you for my concert buddies! Bunso is also happy to meet you!


Despite all the hardships that me and my family went through, it is still God that sustains us! This concert just reminded me how good God is. How loving He is to all His people. Was refreshed again to His calling – to honor Him and make disciples. Para sa susunod hindi lang sa Big Dome, sa mas malaki pa!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Becca Music in letting these bands come to the Philippines. To witness how God moves in Southeast Asia.

Next year ulit!

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