February 20.
Plan A was to get into THE ZOO. We were so excited that finally I’m gonna see the polar bear and experience the St. Louis Zoo. But reality strikes. It was the first sunny weather in St. Louis and EVERYBODY wants to get out of their nooks. The parking areas were full that we need to go over and over the area.

Finally we parked near the St. Louis Art Museum. This was like a hundred meters away from the zoo and decided to take a rain check there. We opted the art museum. This was HUGE! Well, I wasn’t yet able to enter the National Museum at Manila so I don’t have a basis really of how large must a museum be. One thing is for sure. This is huge compared to the Sto. Niño Shrine Museum at my hometown, Tacloban City.

St. Louis Art Museum has a huge collections of different genre in arts. From paintings, to sculptures, to photographs, to collections of different eras and generations. Some I did appreciate. Some I dint. Maybe because I was already overwhelmed with the different sections of the museum. We had a limited time to stroll all the sections of this building. Sayang!

Let me share one photo I liked.


Here’s a wax figure sculpted by a French sculptor, Edgar Degar, entitled Little Dancer of Fourteen Years. This work is one of many posthumous bronze casts completed after a wax sculpture displayed at the sixth Impressionist exhibition in 1881. The wax figure was the only sculpture that Degar showed during his lifetime. Degas meticulously created the form of the teenage ballet dancer Marie van Goethem with chin raised and eyes half-closed.

I kept on staring at this work as I was amazed of how it came so realistic. It was like I am staring at a real ballet dancer. My impression to this art work was that whatever craft you have, it takes discipline to master it. Progress. Perfection.

There were lots of photos I captured but I do have limited space here. Haha.

If you’re in Missouri, be sure to stop by at the Art Museum at the Forest Park. Admission is free!

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