Puerto Princesa, Palawan

The last thing I remembered, inaya lang ako ni Joik habang kasagsagan ng work and the rest, well, memories. Haha. I’m not good in travels and I am not a traveler. This was my first time outside Manila and outside Tacloban. But why Tin? Ayaw mo ba? Well, first off, I don’t have a budget. I don’t priortize travet. It’s the least thing in my list. But somehow, in this travel, I got to have some insights and realizations that God wanted me enjoy His creations, as well.

Our plane was at Clark, Pampanga so we need to head out early as we could! Our pilot was so game he even had a picture with us!

 We stayed at Rainbow Pension. The place was cozy and very comfortable for a minimal cost. How’s that! Then first went to the Baker’s Hill. No pictures though. Sad.

And after lunch, wala ng pahi-pahinga, we head out to the City Tour. First off,  Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center also known as, Crocodile Farm. Grabe nakakatakot.

And to the best of my ability to have some other designs of collage. We strolled around the Crocodile Farm.

Then we went to the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm. As per Wiki, this is one of seven operating units of the Bureau of Corrections under the Department of Justice. After this, I think we went to the Iwahig Firefly Watching. We were able to catch a glimpse of those fireflies! And oh, it was a river so sumakay kami ng bangka sa lalim ng gabi. Wooohoo.

DAY 02

Then we at lunch.

And after two hours of biyahe and tulog, we were able to get on and off the boat. Here we are at the Underground River entrance.

And the pose-pose-pose mode was activate again. What to do while waiting for your turn? POSE!

Just so wonderful. I thank God for all these creations.

And it’s now our turn!! Amazing! I will always remember that our tour guide was speaking in English and very jokingly tell about some of the tales about the underground river. Hindi bago saken ung stalactites and stalagmites but seeing them first hand, nakuuu amazing God!


And now to bid goodbye to the underground river. What an amazing experience. Salamat, salamat!

Then what’s next? Kinabuch’s!

DAY 03

Then third day before heading home. Island hopping!! First stop, Luli Island.

I’m not really a beach person but because of my buddies, I was able to enjoy it!


Ang babaw ng kaligayahan namin! Starfish!!


And of course, my mandatory Starfish pose.

Lastly, another Miss Universe pictorial. At ngayon ko lang na-realize, alternate kami ng colors! Pink-Yellow-Pink-Yellow!

Then next island. I forgot the name!!


Isn’t it amazing!


Ang mas amazing kung ilalagay mo ako sa scene. Haha.


And I told them, let’s do the pose!

What’s next? Pandan Island. One last.

The scene is really breathtaking.


At papahuli pa ba kami? Jump shot!!!

We also had the chance to snorkel. T’was my first time. Nakakatakot pala sa dagat pero at the same time manghang-mangha ka sa creations ni God.



And yet another illusion. Haha.

And it’s now to say farewell, Puerto Princesa. Babalik ako, pramis!

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