Bucket List. I dint remember I had one until last night.

First off, no plans sa pag-sama sa kanila#BatangLamigin nga kasi but I realized this is just a once in a life time experience. It’s something, at the deepest of my heart, I wanted to try, to experience.

‘Nuff said.

Okay. The whole gang of apartment 702 plus Julius, head off to Hidden Valley. Well, actually this is their weekend getaway as long as it is winter. Bumili kasi ng sariling mga snowboard. Haha.

Anyway, the first timers were me and Julius. I preferred skiing. Julius, snowboarding.

Hidden Valley.
Hidden Valley Ski Area is a ski resort in St. Louis, Missouri suburb of Wildwood, Missouri. It’s the getaway place in MO when you wanted to experience skiing, tubing, and snowboarding.


First Timer.
Cathy handed me one of her ski pants. Kath and Cathy gave me a LOT of tips for a first timer. From rental of boots and gear, to wearing the gear, to walking like a penguin, and to sliding off the slope – these ladies never gave up on me.

Skiing for the first time is NEVER easy. Trust me. I had almost 30 minutes of contemplating if I’m gonna give up or not. A LOT of falling, a LOT of ‘kaya mo yan Tin’, and LOT of ‘sige, Tin, tayo ka pa.’

I thought I was a failure until I remembered these quotes:

An expert was once a beginner.

Mistake is an evidence that you tried.

and of course, God let me remembered my life verse:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -Philippians 4:13

Pagod na pagod na pagod na pagod na ako. Simply standing from where I fell was really hard. Simply walking like a penguin is difficult. Mahirap pala maging penguin.

Pizza and Fries!
That’s actually the two basic stunts of skiing. Pizza and Fries. The shape of an inverted pizza is how you break or simply stop. The shape of the fries is how you move. You need to learn the art of moving from pizza to fries and vice versa. You have to trust your gear. Wohooo! It’s not just that. You have to balance yoursef else you’ll gonna fall. In skiing, your knees are your ally. Wohooo! I made it! I’m happy. 🙂

I’d like to thank the whole gang of 702 for all the pilit and all the negotiations they made just to convince me to try it. Okay, they won and I’m happy I lose. Haha.

I’d like to thank, as well, Kath and Cathy for being my teachers in this once in a lifetime experience. I kept on saying sorry kasi hindi sila nag-eenjoy but I was motivated when Cathy told this – ‘Nag-eenjoy ako kapag natututo kayo.’ Aww. Thanks Kath and Cathy! Definitely, the application of your people development skills came to pass – I now know how to ski – the beginner level. Yey!

Skiing and snowboarding are definitely one of the must-try experience during winter. Tara ulit tayo! Haha. Joke lang.

Oh. Before this entry ends, may I introduce to you the Apartment 702 Gang.

First off, SHERWIN – The Chef. The gwapo, matipuno, mabait, and  the super chef of the group!

KIP – Mayabang pero mabait. Ma-trash talk pero mabait. Yan si Kip. Haha. Totoo, mabait talaga si Kip. =)

BIYO– The Switi of the group. Magaling din magluto! Siya ang Lunch Chef ng group.

MARC – The Lover Boi of the group. Pweh! Mabait yan si Marc. Nagpapa-salamat nga ako sa kanya sa pag-help niya sa pag-move ko dito sa STL. Oi, Marc, bayad na ako sa lahat ng kautangan ko ah.

XENN – Ang Kuya ng group. The better half of Cathy. Ayiiee.

CATHY – The better half of Xenn. The sexy teacher.

KATH – The better half of… Haha. Wag na baka kutusan ako ni Kath eh. Siya ang roomie ko. Mabait yan. Single pa yan. Sexy. Maganda. Mabait. Wala ka ng hahanapin pa.

 Wala sina JC and Cherry. They’re the hot couple of the group. Naks! Yiie.

Sherwin, Cathy, and Xenn.
Bianca, Beneth, Biyo, Kip, Julius, Lyndon
Kath, Tin
Kath, Xenn, Biyo, Julius, Cathy, Kip, Marc

Nagpapa-salamat ako sa mga ‘toh dahil parang Pinas pa rin ang feeling kahit nasa malayo na ako. Sarreh guys mejo drama lang. Haha. Thank you!!!

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