One Year. One Love.

Great things come to those who wait.

One of the much awaited breakthrough had begun last year. I still recall when one of the managers told me to go ahead with the visa processing, plane ticket purchase, and knowledge transition. A lot of things happened from then on. I never thought I would end up staying in States for a year but God gave me an impression that it’ll be for a while. I don’t know when will this experience end but instead of worrying, let me¬†enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Twelve months passed. As I checked the highlights of the first year, I can’t help but to say, THANK YOU, LORD!, for letting my experience these. Let me share to you some of them. ūüôā

New Friends. New Family.


I’d like to express my gratitude to my onshore family. They were the reason why I was able to easily adjust to a one heck of new surroundings. From my flat, food, and clothing on all sort of seasons they helped me out.

U.S. of A. Travel.


Everyone knows that I am frugal in spending. Even if it’s the¬†travel¬†thingy I do not care. I travel because I want to experience other places WITH MY LOVED ONES. I’m not as adventurous as the other folks but I am just so thankful they made¬†pilit me to join them in two of their destinations – Tennessee and Chicago! 47 more states of America to travel. Maybe next time. I still have other priorities. ūüôā


Oh, I will never forget the OUTCRY TOUR! This is my first and last worship concert I attended this year. Worth the wait. Kari Jobe, Hillsong Worship, Hillsong Young and Free, and so much more!

Making His Name Known One Letter at a Time.


I admit, boredom was one of the reasons why I tried honing my lettering and calligraphy craft. The hunger to learn more was one of the keys to improve my strokes. I give back the credit to God for blessing the works of my hands and giving me another dream to look forward and plan. I also thank Ate Ana Ricafranca for being an encouraging mentor. ALL questions were answered! I might me the most makulit person in the whole world but I never heard from Ate Ana that she’s irritated from it. Haha. Maybe because I’m just so charming and cute. HAHA. CHAR. CHAR.¬†As I look back my progress, it was¬†nakaka-iyak. From grace to grace, the strokes, the tools, and the perseverance are paying off!

Breakthrough Upon Breakthrough.

When you know by heart that Jesus is your breakthrough, you’ll gonna experience breakthroughs upon breakthroughs! Jesus doesn’t withhold His blessings. It’s a matter of timing – God’s timing. I’m a living testimony of God’s abundant blessings. Let me share you some of the highlights.

Debt-free Family. Yes! This! The much awaited breakthrough of my family came to pass! God gave me the capacity and resources to pay all of our debts IN FULL and IN CASH. Seriously, when you know Who is the Source of everything you have and that faith that GOD GOT THIS, man, it’s worth the wait. A priceless moment when I saw Papa’s face lightened up because all of our debts where paid and he’s gonna enjoy his retirement years with pension. Priceless.

Tombow PH Creative Design Team Member. You heard it right! God gave me an very unexpected breakthrough! I remembered, the exclusive supplier of Tombow brand in the Philippines messaged me and gave me a job opportunity (full-time). Woah! They gave me a part-time job – to be part of their design team. I am really happy they’re giving me freebies such as Tombow Brush Pens and many more! Perks! Favored!

Healthy Lifestyle¬†Journey. It triggered AGAIN. Haha. Yep, I stopped my healthy journey when I came in STL.¬†Sarap kumain ng bawal eh. Seriously, I gained a lot of weight and body fat in my first eight months (December until August). Then, I decided to get back to my diet plan and start incorporating exercise again. I started with a motivated attitude that everything will come to pass if I put my mind and heart to it. From 127 lbs (57.7 kgs) and 32 inches in September first week, as of November 18, I am now 121 lbs (55 kgs) and 28.75 inches. 11 weeks in total so far. 11 weeks of living a healthy lifestyle – protein, good carbs, a lot of greens, and regular workout. I am happy with the results and will continue until my 90 days (it takes 90 days to build a lifestyle). Yes, this is a breakthrough to me. I want to be a good steward of my body. This isn’t mine. So I’d better take care of it.

Character Pruning.

As Ate Jeng prophesied in her prayer before I left for St. Louis, my stay in another country isn’t just about the financial aspect. It is more on character building. Truly, that’s the very thing that’s happening to me.

One of those is giving generously for the Kingdom of God. I never thought I would be able to start building this character here. I’ve learned to listen intently to the Holy Spirit regarding my finances. It’s funny and weird that every time there’s more in my virtual envelopes, there’s an opportunity to give i.e. dear friends messaging here and there regarding ten day missions, retreat sponsors, etc. Instead of grumbling to God telling Him,¬†ano ba yan Lord akala ko para sakin toh, I take it as an opportunity and be a channel of blessing. In my entire stay here, I could attest that in every EXTRA, there’s a purpose. It’s not yours. Here’s the thing – IF GOD IS IN YOUR HEART, IT’S EASY TO GIVE.¬†It’s because you know Who your Source is.

Another thing – values¬†are being tested. This foreign land isn’t my comfort zone. From one culture to another, the values that were taught in my home and in my church have been tested. It’s as if my values are being devoured slowly. I thank God that I was prepped up.¬†Bawat prinsipyo ko ay salungat sa mga nakikita ko. I can’t help but cry out to God asking Him why do people do those things – resignation, online dating, marrying a citizen of this country just so not to go back, premarital sex, and many more – while they are here (in US). I love those people but I hate what they are doing. Yes I am boldly saying these things in my blog.

Lastly, learning to depend on God EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, literally. The Holy Spirit is always teaching me to depend on God in a daily basis. The Spirit never missed one day of letting me know to lean on Him whatever it take. I am always grateful that the Holy Spirit is continually stirring my heart. Hindi ako magsasawang magpasalamat.

Working in another country is both a breakthrough and a challenge. Financial breakthrough, yes. Values tested, definitely. It’s not easy but it’s fulfilling knowing that God is the One who let you experience it – that’s the most rewarding.

My first year had passed and my journey continues. I don’t know where I am headed. All I know that Jesus will always be with me every step of the way. I won’t fear because God is with me. Definitely, Jesus is.



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