Off the Bucket List


While everyone is checking off their list of travel destinations, financial breakthroughs, and once in a life time experiences, I, too, have something to check off my list. Something simple.

It’s finally here.

Who would’ve thought that a simple, #kuripot, always-saying-no-to-lunch-outs girl will be able to own a domain and be hosted for free. Yung feeling na, wow Dreams do come true.

I thank God for a dear friend who offered to host my domain for free. Thank you, Jesus, You are alive! May himala! Thanks, bruh! How to be you po? =)))

I came to a conclusion that web designing requires skill and creativity. My sister is good at this. I’m still in the stage of negotiating. Yeah, it take TONS of conditions every single favor. Haha. Kidding. For the mean time, I’ll keep it as simple as possible. Clean and Neat. Well, I’ll put some perky stuff around here. Haha.

This site simply is a bunk of reflections, passions, and the artsy stuff.

No entries yet. Just the UI and ABOUT page. =))

Yeah, finally came to existence.


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