My First Baler Experience

Who would have thought I will be able to conquer Baler? No traveler, huh? Yeah, really. I don’t used to traveler. I don’t have the fund but somehow in this traveler, I haven’t much worried about the funds! Amazing God!

First off, naligaw kami. Yes! Sarap maligaw kapag madami kayo. We headed to the off-road track. The culprit? Google Maps! It took us about 3-4 hours just getting here. Arghh!

But when we got here, aaahhhh refreshing! Tanggal pagod! We stayed at Casitas Bed and Breakfast lodging.


It’s within our budget and very cozy rooms. For two rooms, they have one common washroom. Not bad if you are a group of 4 or 6, right?

Ignore those towels. Panira ng view!
Their Filipino design for each room is amazing. I love that painting. It summarizes what Baler is famous of.

And now the fun part. Surfing!!! But wait… with those waves? No way.


Yeah, no pictures of how we surfed. Why? Kasi lahat kasama! Walang nag-picture man lang! Haha! Off on my bucket list. I handled to stand and balance on the board just ONCE. Yes, once! Hindi na kasi naulit after one try. But that’s fine. At least I tried.

And now the most awaited part. BUFFET!

And we slept. Then DAY 02! But first, breakfast. Itadakimasu!


Then we headed on our tour. First stop, somewhere out there. Haha.


We just climbed up a hill and voila! There we are!

They’re so wacky! Photobombers!!

Then we went somewhere where rocks are the destination. Literally. The rock forms are something people love to check.


And our pictorial. Gosh.

And this is my fave part. The waterfalls! See, I conquered Baler!

And we went to the Balete Drive. Oopps. Just the Balete Tree. Our tour guide said that this tree is the oldest balete tree in Asia. It’s not that creepy but something there is just so creepy to me. Haha. Anyway, no fees. Just tip.


And off we go to the next destination. The Ditumabo Falls.

Also known as the Mother Falls, each one of us must trek the 4 kilometers of rough terrain that I almost fall. Yeah, clumsy kasi.



Our tour guide told us that this is one of the hydroelectric project of Aurora. The falls gives a lot of contribution to it. And after 30 minutes to 45 of trekking, we were able to see the falls. Oppps. No pics of the falls. Why? Lahat kasi nag-swim wala man lang nag-picture. Grr. Haha. And here’s our journey to the falls.

And lastly, the Musuem of Baler, which we were not able to check what’s inside of it. *Sigh* Closed kasi.



I had fun! Pero bitin! I will definitely come back. Promise!


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