Camera 360

When two or three gathered together, then you became noisy! Batch Echo is dear to my heart. When we’re more than just classmates. We’re for keeps.

Here’s my Batch Echo experience with Renelyn Joy and Angela, Pudis, Calero. 🙂

Well, technically, Renelyn is just in the metro that we were able to hang out. Kung kelan lang naman may dayo sa Manila saka nagkikita eh. Haha. Silly but true. Pudis and I were here in the Metro since 2009 but we seldom hang out. Nagtitipid kasi!

But because we just missed each other, we set date and voila! we ended up taking a lot of pics!


And I am just so grateful to have these loka-loka’s to hang out with me. They are really #ForKeeps.

I love you, Winnie and Pudis!

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