I’m catching up with #HOMwork tasks in R-E-V-E-R-S-E ’cause why not ChocNut! This week’s task, Week 12: Create a piece of artwork about a place that is particularly meaningful to me.

“Meet Me in The Lou.”

I choose my current workplace – St. Louis (say it with an S), MO, USA. Home of the Cardinals and Blues. I didn’t know STL “exists”. When someone mentions “America”, all I think about is just a handful of places – New York, California, Hawaii, Florida. But St. Louis, nadah. Despite that, there are still reasons why this place is so meaningful. Let me give the high five (Have you seen the movie, Ready Player One?)

One. This is my first international short-term assignment. Not to mention, first international flight. STL brought me stuff that I never experienced before – winter (snow), spring, fall (leaves that turned orange), frozen custard, and so many more.

Two. This gave me an opportunity to be a channel to further God’s kingdom. In this short-term assignment, God continually teaches me to fully rely on Him – in His provision. As what a dear friend said, “Hindi mauubos yan kasi hindi work provision mo but si God. Kaya kahit san ka, His abundant provision will overflow and will follow you.” (Translation: It won’t decrease ’cause your provision is not your work but God. So wherever you are, His abundant provision will overflow and will follow you.)

Three. Being alone and “bored” gave me the chance to make a new hobby – calligraphy and lettering – which gave me a chance to inspire people to discover their creative side through encouraging them on my social media.

Fourth. This gave me an opportunity to interact with different cultures.

Lastly, Fifth. This season gives me a better picture of how God will use me in the coming years. I strongly believe that this stage will soon come to a conclusion and proceed to the next. I may not know it yet but for sure God has the best plan for me – in furthering His kingdom.

Sooner or later, this short-term assignment will end BUT the experience will never be forgotten. This maybe short but definitely a S-W-E-E-T one. The Lou will always be in my heart. <3

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