Lord! I Wanna See Snoooowwwww. Palakasin Mo Pa, Please?

This is probably┬á one of the pangaraps of a Pinay like me – to see SNOW. Ooopppss.. I mean, to SEE snow not really to EXPERIENCE playing snow. Haha. Yesterday, it was raining in the morning when Kath (my roommate) noticed something strange falling from the sky. As I described, it was like falling white something I could not determine since it was raining, as well. Oo nga Kath mukhang snow yaaaaannnn, I told her. She checked the weather forecast. As expected, today will snow. But it seems not that close.


Yup, the state where I’m staying has a very strange winter season. It wasn’t still snowing until today. Kath and I really wanna see snow. She wanted to play with it. Me, well, I just wanted to see it. Haha. Yeah, yeah, #BatangLamigin. We’re not contented with that kind of snow eh. Something in me just wanted to tell God about what I want. I vocally said a prayer – a prayer Kath heard. Lord! I wanna see snoooowwwww. Palakasin mo pa, please? It was like a step of faith. I wanted to see snow right then and there. We got excited. I got excited!


Then all of a sudden, flurries came. Kath and I screamed! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh omegash!!! Snow!! I prayed a silent one. Thank you, God, for letting me experience this one of a kind phenomenon. You are truly great!

I couldn’t help but to shout for joy upon seeing this great wonder of God. The snow looks like cotton balls we purchase in the grocery then you put them inside the clouds and they just fell simultaneously everywhere! ‘Di namin mapagtanto pa’no nangyayari yung ganitong phenomenon. Grabe. Ang galing! This lasted for about an hour. We tried to go down at the promenade level of the apartment to see if we can play with the snow. Unfortunately, once the snow hit the ground, natutunaw agad. Plus the fact that it was also raining, Kath wasn’t able to enjoy the snow. So sad.

Ang sabi sa forecast, 3PM daw mag-snow uli. Then we waited. Pero wala. Walang snow na dumating. Sayang. But I realized one thing, well, I just realized it today. Hahaha. Ang slow ko sa mga ganito. I realized, somehow, God just wanted me to see the snow. God wanted me to know that He heard my simple prayer. God wanted me to know that with that little faith in me, He heard me and He delights in me. Upon realizing that, I couldn’t help but to just SSSSSSMMMMMMMMMIIIIILLLLLEEEEEE. He heard me!!! God hears me!!! And that simple miracle is soooo awesome!!!

Yup, another CHECK in my Bucket List. I’m happy. ­čÖé

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