Leaders Equipping: Christian Apologetics Class

Speaker: Ptr. Jun Divierte

We also have to understand theology alongside with transformation.

Life and Theology.

When you explain, explain with confidence.

Victory Group
Victory weekend
Making Disciples
Foundation for Victory
Training for Victory
Empowering Leaders

Ephesians 4:11-13
1 Peter 3:15-16

All of us have the authority not just full time ministers.

Speak the Word with authority.

When you do not stand on something, you will fall on everything.

Deepen your foundation in Him.

Explain your foundation. Do not rush.


“Defense” – Greek word. apologia
A clearing of self, a reasoned statement, a verbal defense.

2 things to know if a person is Christian
-Kung tama ang doktrina.
-Kung nakikita ang transformation.

During One2One:
Let the Holy Spirit speak to the person through the Word.

2 Timothy 2:15
-Study. Work hard. When you study the scripture. Labor.

Do our best. Work hard. Study to bring yoirself in intimacy with God as one approved.

Acts 17:11
Always examine. To investigate. To sift. To question.

When ever you read the Bible,
-always take time
-do not rush

We believe what we believe.
Make it your conviction.

“Entrust” – Greek paratithemi
To deposit, to commit, to explain
Idea of setting food on the table.

Catholic Faith – Universal Faith

John Wycliffe – first to translate the Bible from Latin to English language.

All of the Christian churches have common belief:
-Salvation is through Jesus by grace through faith.

The Cults:
United Pentecostal Church
Churches of Christ
Disciples of Christ
Apollo Quiboloy
Metro Manila Christian Church (MCC)
PMCC 4th Watch – mga nanghihingi sa bus, jeep, etc
World Mission Society Church of God
Jehovah’s Witnesses
Seventh Day Adventist
Church of God
Iglesia ni Cristo
Ang Dating Daan

Reasons why there are cults right now:
Not explained to the founder about the truth.

When talking with an unbeliever or from other cults:
-The conversion is not by us but by the Holy Spirit.
-Always end up with a question.

Essentials for Salvation:
Person and divinity of Holy spirit
Trinity doctrine
Virgin birth of Jesus
Authority of the scripture

Non-essentials for salvation:
Water baptism
Church pastoring
Bible versions
Chuch worship
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Eternal Security
Church governance

“In essentials unity
In non-essentials liberty
In everything charity” -Saint Agustine


-Will the babies who die go to heaven?
-What is your take in pre-destination?
-Calvanism vs Arminism
-“Magkakagulatan tayo sa langit.”
-Does God send to everyone? Not always the case. If you seek Him, you will find Him.
Does the person go to hell because he did not hear the gospel? No. The person will go hell because they are a sinner.

Oneness Principle: Isaiah 9:6

Mighty God vs Almighty God
-Revelation 1:7-8

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