Lapis Mo Buhay Ko Balik Eskwela Project

When doin’ an outreach activity, it’s not about the budget, the approvals, the popularity, the photos, and the exposure. It’s about reaching out the our nation in our own little way.

Precious moment. <3

My project where I belong, Project Windchimes, has this Outreach Club that technically I lead which has the heart for reaching out and blessing our community in our little way.

And because it is Balik Eskwela time, we contacted a school which is too far from the town proper that school supplies and other stuff are rarely given to this school. We opted to help out Pandaras Elementary School at San Fernando, Pampanga. In preparation for today’s gift giving, our club were passionate enough to gather 300+ of bags with school supplies! Not just that, we were able to gather up classroom supplies for the teachers and instructors of this small school. These were made possible because of the hearts of the resources of our project. Thanks Windchimes!!

Let me share to you some of the moments we had during THE day. 🙂

First off, our preparation. For almost 2.5 hours of biyahe, we were able to meet the kids and the faculty.

I thank God for these people below who spared their whole to just to volunteer for today. Thank you!!

And now the fun part! Games!! I was really in awe when the principal told us that these kids were really excited that they got up early on a Saturday just to wear their uniforms and attend today’s event!

One thing is for sure. These kids are way too lovely that what I expected. I came to realize that if we’re not gonna reach out to the next generation (these kids), how will our future be?

I see potential in them. Yes, I see makukulit at bibo pupils but within this set of kids, future engineers, future teachers, future leaders are on its way. If our generation would help in passing the baton of education, what will our future be?

Now, the best part of the day. Gift giving time!


I thank God for the heart to reach out to the next generation in my own capacity. I’m ready to face new and bigger challenges that awaits me in reaching out the next generation.
Thank you, as well, for the faculty and staff of this school. I thank them for their passion for teaching the next generation.

And the perks in outreach activities? Food Trip!!


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