Kids Tell Something About Life

A child has a special way of adding joy every day!

I couldn’t fathom how some people truly loves children no matter how kulit or hyper they may be. Until recently I get to deal with them every week. They call me Tita Tin. It’s a Filipino term for non-biological aunts.

Last Saturday, June 09, we went for a picnic gathering with some of the Filipino families residing here in St. Louis, MO. But the weather didn’t even allow us to enjoy the place!

Here’s a one-minute video of Kaia, Lawren, and Sophia telling us that no matter what the circumstance you may have, it’s better to enjoy, learn, and just have fun!


Maybe one day I’ll also have kids and a family. What a joy it will be! Here are some of the captured moments from the picnic day.


It’s Sophia’s first time to touch a puppy! Good thing the cute little dog was so friendly!


Lawren shows us to do the climb of faith!


Kaia gives us a classic look of how should a woman look like – pure, dignified, God-fearing. 



I admire these three amazing mommies! When life is tough, so they are! Aside from my mom, I am inspired on how these women manage to be a mom of these hyper kids! If someday, I’ll be a mom and a wife, I will definitely ask for their pieces of advice! <3



But for now I am enjoying being a Tita of these kids! Being single is not a curse. It’s not a bridge for the next season of life. IT IS A COMPLETE SEASON. It is a season not meant to choke me, hold me back, or hurt me. 🙂 God has ordained this season of singleness because He wants to champion something in me! Married life and motherhood are great seasons and so is singlehood! This season of singleness is an optimal time for me to build a strong foundation of faith and purpose in my devotion to God. 🙂


How about you? What season of life are you in? Are you enjoying it? What struggles are you facing right now? 🙂

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