How It Feels Like to be in Heaven

Yesterday I was invited by Ate Cecile in their Home Group. A Home Group is a small group of people who meet together in homes to learn about Christian living and to build close relationships within the church.* Ate Cecile’s home group meets once a month on different homes. Every member of the group brings their own food contribution.

There were different nationalities in the group. Nasha (I think I misspelled her name), a Zimbabwean, an international student studying PhD in UMSL (pronounced as “uhm-sel’), Noah, a Chinese student, Christine a German-Costa Rican, a Venezuelan, an Indonesian family, and so on.


The home group meeting started with dinner time. I had the chance to socialize with some of them. One funny thing is that they thought I was a student! Ha! Discussion mostly circled around my work, from where I was

* Definition taken from

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