[Honor God]: With Your Wealth


Time: 5PM Service
Preacher: Ptr. Joshua Galaraga

Word: Mark 12:41-44

Money. Giving.

Common Reasons for Giving:
-Required daw sabi ni…
-Para hindi guilty!
-Eh ano pa lalagay ko sa basket?
-10% lang naman diba?
-Para ma-bless ng todo


You keep on giving but you do not know why.

Jesus observes to see what’s the heart of the people giving. (Verse 41)

-Giving is a spiritual matter.

-God doesn’t need the money. The church does.

-Our giving says much about our relationship with God.

Why do we GIVE?
1.) Giving is an act of worship.
-verse 4a
-The starting poiny of honoring God is with our wealth is giving back what is due to Him.
-Psalm 24:1
-God deserves everything.
-Genesis 14
-Abraham was blessed because of God.
-Giving to the Lord is acknowledging that He indeed is the source of everything.
-Even before we tithe, we are already blessed.
-Giving is our way of being grateful and we want honor Him.

2.) It is a spiritual discipline.
-verse 41b-42
-May rich and poor but both gave.
-Giving is not based on your economical status.
-Giving is a lifestyle.
-Whether you like it or not, you do it anyway.
-Genesis 28
-Giving to the Lord is a response to the covenant He has established with us.
-If you are a new Christian, giving may take a while until you fully understand why.
-Yes it was a requirement (giving) but Jesus fulfilled the law. We do not nullify the law but we uphold it.

How should we respond?
We give 100%.
-verse 43-44
-out of poverty == out of faith
-out of wealth == out of ezxcess
-“Lord, I trust You and I depend on You.”

Proverbs 3:9
**Be a good steward of God’s money.
-Give proper weight.
-Honoring God with our wealth is not limited on our weekly offerings but also in our daily spending.
**You give wholly.
-Give from the heart.
-2Cor 9:7

What is God’s heart on giving?
-Proverbs 3:9-10
-You cannot outgive God.
-When youngive to the Lord it is a debt you owe but a seed you sow.
-Binibigyan ka ni Lord ng maraming blessings kasi He wants you to be generous.

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