[Honor God]: With Your Heart


Time: 3PM Service
Preacher: Ptr. Jonas Bernales

Word: Mark 7:1-8

– to treat someone with great respect, love and devotion, and awe.
– the Greek word (timao) means to prize to give value or weight.

At the end of the day, it is between you and God.

What does it mean to Honor God?
1.) It is a HEART issue.
-verse 6
-Ano ang focus ng puso natin?
-External expression because of an internal reality. -Ptr. Jonas
-You have to recalibrate to see what’s wrong with your heart.
-Some fasting and worship are just a show.
-Fasting is feasting with Christ.
-Fasting has spiritual benefits – you get to have intimate time with God.

2.) Giving Him an acceptable worship.
-verse 7
-worship == posture
-as long as we know our position apart from God, we worship Him.
-when we live a life honoring God, He honors you, as well.
-Malachi 1:6

3.) Wholehearted obedience
-verse 8
-1 John 3:23
-Your relationship with God is not based on tattoos or whatever.

Revelations 4:11

There are things I dont understand.

Knowing your place and praising Him is the startimg point of a life that Honors God.

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