Komshy. Puerto. Fever.

It’s been quite some time since I had my last post here. Well, I’m a work addict. Workaholic. No work-life balance. Haha. Well, that could be. Sa mga binibigay saken na tasks sa office. Admin + Direct Deliverables = Time Management!

To make this summer 2013 so different, let’s say, I needed to make up my friendship time with my Komshy J

Puerto Galera, Mindoro

April 06 and 07. Weekends in Puerto Galera. Huh. Different. Exciting. Love it. Like.

Komshy Pipz with my ex. I’ll give credits to Glaiza who enthusiastically organized everything for this event. From accommodation to transportation to food to everything you may think of. J Thanks, Glammy! You’re the best! Eto pa pala. Emjae straight from Cebu just came to Manila for this event! Iba talaga ang Komshy fever! Haha.

Aside from Glaiza and Emjae, we have Mafe, Pam, Jeston, John, Joshua, and Jaysonne. Plus my Ex. Well, why Ex? This is not the right post for the reasons. Stay tuned for another post. Drama. Haha. All in all, we are eleven. Eleven is the favorite number during the weekend. We always make it a point to have a count off during on boarding or off (if there is a term on this hahaha).

Off to Batangas Port Saturday early morning. My ex and I were the last one to arrive at the JAM Terminal. May pustahang kung sino ang last na dadating sa terminal eh siya ang taya sa Mindoro Sling Tower worth Php700. And off we go. Wala na kaming magagawa. Batangas Port. Lantsa to Mindoro. Villa Hernandez. Hello, Puerto Galera!!!

When you say Komshy, we’re that SHY. We’re totally different. We’re camwhores! Haha! Number one camwhore? Mafe. Number two? Me. Number three? Jeston. Haha! Photo credits to Glaiza, Emjae, and Victor. Kaya ayaw ko magdala ng camera kasi hindi na ako ang magiging subject. Haha.

Pictorials. This is a non-negotiable activity for Komshy. We make it a point that those cameras are used. Todo-todo. And those people who are camera users must not get tired hahaha.

First day. Sinagad na. Snorkeling. Love it! Corals. School of fish. Great wonders of God! ‘Di ko mapigilan magpasalamat sa aking King with these wonderful creations. I never had experienced such snorkeling in my life. Yes I had one in Puerto Princesa but here, that was different. That was awesome! Amazing!


Saturday evening. White Beach. Ang daming tao!! Parang EDSA Revolution Part 4! Seriously, there are lots of people that night. That was because of the lead vocalist of Callalily. Kean. Argh. ‘Bat ba kasi andun siya. Ang dami tuloy tao. Siksikan. Parang MRT lang. Sikat kasi. Kaya ayaw ko maging artista. Pagkakaguluhan ako. Haha. Feeler.

Tired. We continued our enjoyment in the villa. Videoke Night! Birit kung birit. Mawalan na ng boses basta kumanta lang. Haha. That’s our Saturday in Puerto Galera.

Sunday. We just had our brunch. Pictorial moments. And off we go to Batangas Port. 😀

Well, overall experience? Of course, THE BEST! WITH KOMSHY, summer experience will still be SULIT!

Next stop, CEBU! Emjae’s church wedding! Woot woot!

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  1. “Number one camwhore? Mafe. Number two? Me. Number three? Jeston”

    Excuse me, hindi ako ang number 1. Kayong dalawa ni Jeston pinakamaraming pictures! And sa mga pose pa lang…wala na. I surrender.

    On another note, nice to see you in WP, Tin! 🙂 Masaya magsulat dito. Haha. I sound like an endorser kthnxbye.

    1. Maf! Woo. Nagcomment ka pala dito! Of all this time. Haha.

    2. Woo! Natatawa ako. Almost a year na yung comment. :)) Napaghahalatang hindi binibisita yung blog. XD

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