Gary Vee’s Crushing It!

Most unlikely YET perfect place and timing to finish up Gary Vee’s latest book, Crushing It!. Let me tell you why. Tuesday (or Thursday) is usually my laundry day. This place is located at the basement part of this condo-style apartment. No WIFI. No mobile data. Just your book, you, and the waiting game. Finishing up this book means a start of something great. I learned tons of stuff that’s worth my allowance. This book talks about how you can manage and “crush it!” in making your personal brand.

Go grab this book (or borrow from the library or from your friends). It’s worth your time. Don’t just read – take down notes; immerse yourself with what is written; take actions. Do something.

I bought this book at:

Some of my fave quotes I got from the book is found on my Twitter account: Let’s also get connected on Twitter! 😉

Let us not just dream. Let’s hustle.

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