Yes. Catching up! I had a lot of sesh but wasn’t able to update this site in a timely manner. Oh my!

Weeks three and four were very challenging. I had a lot of defects attended these past weeks. 404. 405. 401. 400. 500. 201. 200. All these codes are very stressful. Grrr. Agile pa more!

I was not even faithful of my daily drills. Blame it to the weather! Kidding but seriously it’s really gloomy here in STL. Oh, Spring, when will you come?!

These past few weeks, I learned to draw using watercolor! It’s a major milestone, actually, ’cause I am not fund of sketching, drawing, etc. All I can do right now is just to letter the letters.

Next major milestone for these weeks is I bought a new toy. Crayola’s broad line markers. I actually wanted that badly last month but was not able to buy – no budget sorry.

I’ll just be posting my faves here and you can scan through my Instagram account, @artinnnerz. One thing is for sure with these weeks’ stuff – I’m stressed and I’m a bit detached. Hmm. Magulo ang isip. Masakit sa heart. In other words, EMO. Haha. I just need some time alone, I guess. I need to cry this out to God.

Here you go!

I still can’t memorize this chapter. Hang on, ma-mememorize din kita. Tiwala lang. 

Lastly, as I had my first sesh today, my emotions burst out I couldn’t help but to make a poem. Yep, I am able to create one during extremes – extreme joy or extreme sadness. Well, I guess it’s just my way of waking up my writing muse, eh? Haha.


I still need to practice. Practice, practice, practice. I have limited resources right now but it won’t stop me from progressing. Practice is definitely is progress. Don’t underestimate a small progress.

An expert was once a beginner.

Orayt! ‘Til next week!

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