A Year After: Komshy Experience

It’s been a year since we entered the real world. The world where no more instructors and classmates who would remind you and let you copy their notes about such topic or subject.

It’s also been a year of missing these bunch of kiddos and have a little, if not whole day, catch-up and take pictures with them!

Some of the ladies of Komshy. Haha.

And the best part is we just had to reminisce all those stuff we did during our college life. And where to? Of course, our Alma Matter!

Yes, I was dire tired of just posing and waiting if they’re done. So tiring yet so enjoying! I had fun!

Ang taas!

And siympre may pahabol pa. Haha. I enjoyed! I had fun! ‘Til next, Komshy!

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