I would like to share what I read just this morning. It is from the book, You Can Recharge by Kimberly Snider.

 A NEW START is all I need!

A healthy lifestyle,

Nutrition with a balanced diet,

Exercising regularly instead of couching,

Water rather than soft drinks,

Sunshine rather than staying inside,

Touring or visiting places and people for fun, learning, or outreach,

Air to breathe in a clean environment,

Rest and recreation, and

Trust in God to bless me with good physical and mental health.

A NEW START is what really I need this year! As I grew older, I realized that my spiritual life must match my physical body – meaning, as I am growing spiritually, I must grow on the outside, too! My body must not be poor. How can I be an instrument of God to save others if I can’t perform them, right? 

Let’s start anew!

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