Tin’s Secret to Weight Loss

It started May, 2013. That was the time when I needed something to distract me from something that happened the previous month. That was just one of the factors, to stress that out. Ang dami pang factors bakit ko ginawa yun. Along the weight loss journey I realized I have to do this for myself. I need a long-term motivation to keep me going. Dun ko lang na-realize na hindi pala siya so-called “diet”. The journey was about living a healthy lifestyle.

Okay ito na. Haha. Why and How lang naman ang gusto niyo malaman. Haha.

First in my journey, I asked WHY. “Why am I doing this?”, “Why diet?”, “Why the sudden change of preference?”. You must answer that question before dealing with a long-term decision. Kasi ang pag-ddiet o healthy lifestyle is a long-term decision. Hindi pwedeng for 2014 lang. Ano yun, goal lang? Haha.

MOTIVATION. If you cannot identify why are you pursuing this journey, you will end up frustrated, angry, and having low confidence in yourself.

As for me, the initial motivation was to divert my attention to something else. Note that this was just the initial motivation. As I decided to pursue this journey, I realized there’s something more. I WANT TO GET FIT. I WANT TO BE HEALTHY. I WANT TO GET TONED.

But HOW? Eto yun eh. Paano? Haha. As we all know, there are tons of diet regimen. Like, eating this and not eating that. Do’s and Don’ts. To eat or not to eat. Haha. Those are true but sometimes not.

BLOOD TYPE DIET. This was introduced to me by my precious friend, Miya Dionisio, last 2012. Siya yung mahilig mag-research about diet stuff. Hindi ako mahilig dun. This type of diet associates your blood type in the food you need to eat to benefit your weight loss goal, the food that is neutral to your body, and food that is considered “poisonous” to your body. As you can see this was introduced to me last 2012. I tried but because I didn’t have the right motivation, I stopped. BUT, somehow, this diet made such an impact last 2012. I started not eating pork. Eto talaga yung food na as in ayoko ng kainin. I feel bloated when eating pork. Dahil dun I only eat chicken and fish. Oh, by the way, my blood type is A+. And according to the Blood Type Diet, I need to be a vegetarian. Chicken and fish are my only meat. No pork.

ME and THE BLOOD TYPE DIET. Okay, here are the details of my blood type diet. I seriously started last May, 2013. I checked what needs to eat and what not to. I am A+. Blood types A are considered vegetarian. I am not into veggies. Swear. That was one of the challenges I faced in this journey. Broccoli is one of the beneficial veggies in my diet. I tried. Blanched broccoli. Yung boiled lang talaga tapos yun na. Wala man lang asin or toyo. Haha. I also added Chicken Adobo in my meal. So that would be my lunch. The feeling? Magaan sa tiyan pero alam mong busog ka. That was my lunch everyday for the first two weeks. Then after that I made variations. Blanched carrots and sayote plus Fish Escabeche. The key thing here is that as much as possible the veggies must be raw. Since I am not into veggies, I started it with blanched. For those who are the same as my blood type and into veggies, hindi kayo mahihirapan dito.

PROVE YOURSELF YOU CAN DO IT. This is the thing that I am most happy. I proved to myself that I can do it. How? Simple. I told myself, Dapat tuloy-tuloy toh for a week. I was referring to the Blanched Broccoli every lunch. Then I was successful for a week. Then I put it in a higher level – one month. And I succeeded! Then last, three months. And I succeeded again! Of course, along the way there will be humps and bumps. Minsan masusuya ka sa kinakain mo. With that I challenge, nag-iisip ako ng bagong kakainin na according pa din sa blood type ko.

INCREASE MY METABOLISM. Hindi kasi mabilis yung metabolism ko kaya need ko pabilisin yun. How? Simple. EAT EVERY 3 HOURS. It’s so ironic that you are into weight loss but you should eat every three hours. Haha. But that’s how it should be. Timing lang. Eat light but frequently. This will cause your body to increase your metabolism.

ACQUIRING THE HABIT. Well, that was one of my goals, to acquire the habit of living a healthy lifestyle. Yun kasi talaga yun. Yung makuha mo yung rhythm ng katawan mo to get used of your preference. At first, that was so difficult. It came to a point of withdrawal. Oo may withdrawal talaga. But I just thank God that He did not leave me in this journey.

WORKOUT. Also, part of your journey is workout. Hindi pwedeng hanggang kain lang. One of the reasons why working out is para hindi sag yung arms. A lot of girls have that. Sasabihing ang laki ng braso nila. I started working out after 3 months. Why? Simple lang, gusto ko muna i-prove sa sarili ko na kaya kong kumain ng healthy. Kaya kong pumayat sa pagkain pa lang. With that in mind and with the progress I had, it was now time for me to put my journey to the next level.

Gym. I’m working at Eastwood and their is no way for me to go somewhere I can jog. With that, I have to sign-up in a gym near my workplace. I checked my schedule first. With that, I found out that I need a gym that is still open around 9PM onwards. With that, Golds Gym fits to my needs. Knowing that there is a branch in Acropolis and Accenture is tied up with them, I saved an amount to be a member. I loved their amenities and offers. Okay here’s the thing. I signed up for a personal trainer. Money involved? Yes, of course. At first, I was hesitant to get one but I weighed the pros and cons of it. First, I am a newbie in gym. I do not know what exercise and equipment to use. Next, I want someone to do it for me. Listing down the exercises for me, my trainer will do that. With that, I signed up. Mahal? Malamang. But I believed investing with such workout will be fulfilling. After 17 sessions with Lester, I can now workout in any gym I want. Oh, I also loved the Zumba, Body Jam, and Pop Hits group exercise to the point that I am already a friend of most of the instructors. I forgot to say that I learned a lot from Lester, my personal trainer, in terms of the body types, correct diet, timing of food intake, workout, and body fat percentage. Lester is into body building. Yes, he is a body builder. Grabe, cool yung trainer ko. Mahirap yung session? MALAMANG to the point na I am already cursing my trainer. But he will bear your curses kasi kelangan niyo yung workout.

Details in My Gym Workout. Hmmm. Everyday I visit the gym. Haha. But with variations of workout. MWF I have a session with Lester, my personal trainer. TTh I run on a treadmill. My goal in running on a treadmill is to run 3KM in 20 minutes and 5KM in 30 minutes. After workout, diredirecho ang tulog mo. Oh, I forgot to answer the question, Why gym? Pwede naman kasi mag-workout sa bahay. Pwede namang bumili ng equipment. I’ve tried that and unfortunately, I failed. Tinatamad ako sa bahay. Whenever I see my dumbell, I always say to myself Ah bukas nalang ako mag-woworkout. Anjan lang naman yung dumbell ko. Procrastination is always strong.With that, I need to get my butt out and start working out in a gym.

Soreness is Progress. Of course, you will feel sore the day after your workout. Tiisin mo lang. Isipin mong tumatalab yung workout kahapon. Always remember, you will reap what you sow.

Boxing. I should give credit to Santi Orias for introducing me to boxing as a form of weight loss activity. Boxing is a form of high intensity cardio workout. Babatakin buong katawan mo. Walang mintis bawat muscles. After my 17 sessions with Lester, I decided to give it a try kahit once lang. Kasama ko si Santi sa first boxing ko. He even lent me his hand wrap and boxing gloves. Sayang daw kasi kung hindi magagamit. The result? Wow. Dito lang ako pinagpawisan ng sobra compared sa gym. Oh, I am attending Gerry Peñalosa Boxing Gym Acropolis Branch. After that first try, I decided to be a member and get their package para tipid. And with the handwrap and gloves, pinahiram muna saken ni Santi para may magamit ako. If you want to try boxing in Peñalosa, contact me.

GO FOR THE INCHES NOT THE POUNDS. Do not check your weight rather check your waistline. Why did I say that? When you diet and workout, there will come a time that you will build muscles and will decrease your body fat. Pounds are nothing but numbers. The true progress is in your waistlines. So, do not be frustrated if you gained weight while working out. Check your waistline if you decreased. That is the progress.

SMALL PROGRESS IS PROGRESS. Last May, 2013 my waistline was ~33″. After 3 months of blood type diet, it became ~29.5″. This January, 2014 it became ~27.5″. And I am still aiming for 26″ waistline. What a progress. But between those months, I became frustrated kasi unti lang yung progress until I realized that small progress is still a progress. GIVE TIME. One thing I realized, give time to it. Just do the natural thing to do. Just check your waistline ONCE A MONTH dun mo makikita yung progress.

DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS. We all of a unique journey in weight loss. Yours is different from mine. So why would you compare yours to mine? COMPARE YOUR PROGRESS WITH YOURS. Dun mo maaappreciate yung beauty ng ginagawa mo.

CHALLENGES AND DISCIPLINE. I remembered there are times you are invited to have a dinner out, lunch out, etc. I go even though there are lots of food in your table. THE KEY THING HERE IS SELF-CONTROL AND MODERATION. You know what to eat and what not to. That is self-control. Moderation is eating something once a month or twice. Example to that is ice cream. That is dairy and is not good me. I eat that once a month or twice. I do not want to deprive myself with such. Depriving yourself will only cause for you to eat more. Kahit pa may mga BI na mga tao sa buhay mo, lalo na saken madaming madami, but if you know you are discipline, nothing would get that from you.

SILENCE. I just want to add this up. For the first three months of my journey, I did not brag about my diet or what I am doing. Why? Simple, I WANT THE RESULT TO SPEAK FOR ITSELF.

Until now, I am still working out and eating the right food for my blood type. If my goal last year is magpapayat, my goal this year is to get toned. Boxer’s arms. Toned abs. I know this is not easy but with the MOTIVATION AND DISCIPLINE IN MIND AND IN HEART, my goal will be achieved.

And, oh, I forgot. I am just so thankful that people around me notices the result of my weight loss journey. Ooopppss wrong term. My healthy lifestyle journey. I believe the result is already speaking up for itself and is just continuing to inspire others to do the same thing.

Actually, there’s nothing wrong to try but just be careful on what you try. It may be addicting, so-to-speak. Yeah, living a healthy lifestyle is just so addicting in a good way.

Inspiring others is just glorifying God for a job well done on my life. Keep it coming, Lord!


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