7 Secrets to Effective Weightloss

Change your lifestyle
Drink more water
At least 8 glasses of 10oz water per day will significantly reduce weight gain after a few days,
Drinking water is always essential because it is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle
Be active
Maintaining an active lifestyle instead of sedentary one is a weight-loss recipe
Set realistic goals
At least 5 pounds (2.27 kg) weight-loss per week is a healthy one
Practice dietary control and exercise regularly
Watch what you consume
Make sure that they are low in sugar, low in calories and low in salt
Get rid of that junk
Say goodbye to fast food, soda, and other sugar-carbonated drinks
Instead of soda, have a natural home-made drink
Get adequate sleep
To be capable fat burner machine, you must get enough sleep8 hours a day
Additional Secret:
   People who tend to eat quickly could be tripling their risk of being overweight
   You can help this problem by making time to eat; turn off the television, put down the newspaper, and focus on appreciating the tastes and textures of food – you’ll discover that your eating pace slows markedly.

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