My food trip and surprise visit with Ate was something memorable to me. Why? It’s when the 3 elements of a travel have been used – land, air, sea. Sa’n ka pa?!

Originally, we’re off to Cebu then Bohol but because of some unforeseen events, we were not able to have our dream vacation for the year. Instead, we opted to surprise our family with our unexpected visit. 🙂

First off, air. CEBU!

Then our food trip! THIS was my first time to eat at the Cebu streets. Oh my! We ate tinola (for Bisayas, tinola is a fish dish)

And of course, we ate barbeque and puso. What else?!

Now off to the next part of the adventure. SEA! Oh my. We opted to take a ship to Ormoc, Leyte. This was my first time to take a boat. Yeah. Biyahilo ako at ayoko ng dagat. Promise! We opted to Roble Shipping, Inc and because it was my first time, I SMS’d a lot of Victory people I know to just take time to pray for me and for our travel.

Thank God we were able to survive! For about 4-5 hours of travel we were able to set foot on Ormoc. Then another 2 hours of land trip to Tacloban. Yey! And the rest is history. Haha. We wete able to bond with Mama and Mikey. Those moments are precious to me.

After 2 days of vacation, we’re off again to reality. Hayyysss. Bye, Tacloban. See you next time. <3

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