As I sat down at Starbucks, Pioneer, I told myself, I’m gonna read my “book of the month” by DeYoung after preparing for my Victory Group material for the following day. It turned out making lists of different things – “I Want” list, Travel Destination list, Things I Wanna Do Before I Die, Short Term Goals (1-3yrs), and Long Term Goals (5-10yrs). Short and Long term goals include my career, my family, myself, and my ministry. As I wrote down all of those things, I suddenly realized that God wants me to enjoy my life according to His will i.e. to have a life pleasing to Him. To glorify His Name only. To live an enjoyable life pleasing to His eyes. Wow!

Na-realize ko lang din at that time na it is really important for each one of us to sit down and reflect in yourself and listing down things you wanna do to your life, what are the things that bother you, what were your accomplishments these past months and years, what are your future plans, etc. This way, it gives you a medium to let your stress out. I read an article that says that listing your accomplishments, worries, plans, etc is one of the medium of letting your stress out. It’s one of the not-so-expensive way to let out stress. Oh diba, may nagawa ka na maganda, nawala pa stress mo.

Ang galing lang ni Lord kasi these are the things na gusto kong gawin pero hindi ko nabibigyan ng time or parati kong nakakalimutan. It is a good thing that these past few Saturdays I didn’t have any appoinments with my friends. A very good time for myself. To be alone. To be clear, I’m not lonely. It doesn’t mean if you are alone, you’re lonely.

It is really a good thing that some of your weekends be a time for yourself. A time to reflect. A time to read good books. A time to list down your accomplishments for the week. A time to list down your plan for next week. It might seem so OC. Well, that’s my personality. 🙂 One of the benefits of being an OC person is you are organized on almost all areas of your life.

I am so blessed with the materials God provided me – a basic smart phone, data plan, WordPress account, and the ability to create a blog. Blessed diba? Haha. Galing ni Lord!

As I write this blog, I am at the basement of Starbucks Pioneer, sipping my Php85 Black Tea Mango. I needed to get my butt out of the house for me to read and have time for myself. If I do not do that, my day will not be productive. Why? Well, I tend to sleep all day if I do not have any appointments on a weekend. So lazy. So sleepy. So gloomy.

That is why I have to invest for a drink for a cozy place where there is an electric outlet as my smart phone’s battery tends to drain faster. Any coffee shop as long as it os comfy and drinks are not so expensive. Minsan nga gusto ko i-try yung ibang Starbucks branches across Metro Manila with the same order – Tazo Teas! Haha! Starbucks hopping! Not bad!

As I end my blog, God is just so amazing that He lets me do these things to give Him back the glory. To inspire people to love Him more.

Thank you, Jesus. ❤

Tin Regis – Property of God

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