2012 Christmas Season

Holiday Season means going home for a week or two. 🙂 It’s always a time to catch-up with your family and old-school friends. This is where Batch Echo and Komshy reunion take place. And this is where I get a lot of sleep. 🙂


First off, catch-up with Princess at Leyte Park Resort. They’ve got miryenda buffet. Buffet  == unli. Unli binagol, unli empanada, unli ginataan, unli moron, etc. Eat all you can as long as supplies last. Haha.

I just love talking with this woman. I am always blessed with her testimonies and experiences in life. She’s yet to be a lawyer!

Then next, Batch Echo. Haha.


And lastly, my family. 🙂


They will always be my treasure. My gems.

And our baby girl. 🙂 <3

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