2012. Blessed. Favored. Empowered.

I’ve never expected this year to be a BLESSED, FAVORED, year. J. I recalled last January we had a one-week Prayer and Fasting in which we laid down all our worries and we realigned ourselves about what JESUS has done for me and for the world. Love you, Jesus!

There were 5 major events/activities that God has given me this year. Few but BIG TIME!

Bowling. Superbowlers. Coaching sessions. Peace.Love.Bowl. JustDidStuff and JDS.

This year, by the grace of God, I bought my first bowling ball and accessories. J Bowling. My sports. Who influenced me? My bowling buddies – Pao and Aldy. These best of buds from Windchimes (now in other projects of ACN)…all they know is that we have one thing in common – Bowling. We had our weekly coaching sessions with one of the best players in town – Anton Alcazaren. Then, Superbowlers. I’ve met and dealt with bowling addicts like me! I was inspired by their passion in this chosen sport. I gained friends. I gained confidence. Though this is a demanding sport (financially) but if this is what you love, then go for it! Peace. Love. Bowl. Haha! Aldy, Pao, and I decided to have a printed shirt that somewhat aligned to bowling. Peace. Love. Bowl. Thanks to Aldy for the design. Love it! Then here comes JustDidStuff. These group of people, though I am the youngest, treat me as if I belong to this group. Bunch of TLs but full of bubbly personalities that you won’t even thought of. First time to attend the yearly JustDidStuff and JDS Christmas Party with the Preppy Look attire. It was a blast!!!

Senior Software Engineer. Sub-Lead. Empowered.
Year-starter prayer and fasting. Mid-year prayer and fasting. I told God that ‘Lord, this is what I want. If this is Your Will for me, then let it be done.’ Early this year, I requested for relocation to Accenture Cebu. All project approvals were done. Got a Word from God in Habakkuk 2:3b – ‘Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay’. I thought His Word was for this relocation but I was wrong. His ways are better than my ways. His thoughts are the best! I cried when I learned about the Senior Executive of Cebu rejected my relocation request. I was doomed. The feeling of grabe ineexpect mo na at nararamdaman mo na tapos biglang…argghh! Then I was told that maybe the Word was not meant for relocation. Maybe that meant for something else. Something BIGGER. JThough my heart was torn with what happened, I still trusted God with His ways…with His Word. Come last week of August (September 1 was the day of promoting resources of Accenture) in which the yearly manager-subordinate rating discussion. Sir Rensie asked me a lot of What Ifs questions. I felt that this 30-minute discussion will last an hour or two! I kept on arguing with my boss. Hahaha! Boss told me my rating. Last but not the least, told me that I am promoted! Wow! Wow! Wow! At the back of my mind, Lord, all glory and honor to You!!! You never delay all requests according to Your Will! 1.5 years. It was worth the wait. God gave this to me. God enabled my skills. God gave this opportunity. It’s not about me. It’s about Him!

Kids Church.
Kids?! C’mon! I hate kids! Honestly. But God twisted things up. He placed me where I have things I need to improved on. God is so amazing! Kids church was not just about kids. It is all about having fellowship with your co-teachers and learned how to deal with different personalities.

Traveled. Ventured. Amazed!
I never traveled because all I know is Travel == Expenses! I was wrong…well, travel needs cash but I never thought of this: Travel == Fun! Puerto Princesa. This was my second time to travel and have fun outside Manila. First, Tagaytay with Grace. And now, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. T’was funny when Joik asked me, Tin, Puerto Princesa tayo!
Tin: Kelan? Magkano?
Joik: Piso Fare. October. Basta October hindi pa alam kung kelan.
Tin: Tara!
That was just an impulsive reaction of the Piso Fare! Hahaha! But I never regretted joining the group to Puerto Princesa. All girls! Puerto Princesa was fun! It was never fun if Raiza was not around. I’m of legal age of traveling now. No one can stop me. LOL.

Home-coming. Grand Reunion. Elementary. High School. College. Buddies.
I’ve never expected this home-coming was a blast! July 2012 I asked for approvals for my one-week vacation (wala pang palya sa December vacation since 2009). First, I requested God to grant me this yearly request and voila! just like a wink of an eye! Great are you Lord! Everything is possible with You! Kaya nga lab kita eh. Labyu, Lord! Mwah! Good to see my family with my niece, my bedroom, my house, the sala, Tacloban per se, everything. There’s no place like home. Elementary and Highschool buddies. Same faces. Missed them so much! College buddies. Funny thing here is that they’re in Manila! Never had the chance to meet up with them even though there were lots of events that I was invited (bowling. Sorry, guys. Will catch up with you on 2013. J). Just had our one-day pictorial at Robinson’s Place and Rafael’s Farm. The total and all around cam whore reunited with THE Mafe. Komshy is not obviously shy at all! Love these guys! And last but not the least, the LNU-ILS Grand Reunion 2012. This is the first time that all batches of ILS will gather in this one special event. Good to see so familiar faces. Love it!

2012 is one of the best years of my life!

2013, bring it on!

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