I am again reminded through my Daily Devotional book about spiritual feeding. It gave me 12 tips for a quality spiritual feeding. Some of them, I already know but some of them I do not apply.

Ngayon ko lang narealizr na if I want my relationship with God to grow and to glow, I must also exert effort. Note lang na this has nothing to do with my salvation. I rebuke all enemies of telling that lie.

Here are the tips:

▶ Pick a time and duration.
Kahit at least 20 minutes.
If daily is difficult which in my case ganun nga, pwede pa lang every other day as long as ma-establish muna yung routine. Yan ang problem ko ngayon kasi all along I thought of reading God’s Word every single day. Tama naman yun kasi yan yung nakalagay sa Bible sa Joshua na medidate on God’s Word day and night.

▶ Find a quiet place.

▶ Decide what to read.
I have to plan pala on what yo read over a period of time either a book in the Bible ir a devotional book but not forget to be flexible. Need pala ng variety kasi kung hindi, mabobore lang in time which is hindi maganda. Ang need kasi dito is ma-establish muna yung pag-spend ng time kay God i.e. spiritual feeding.

Just a side note, habang typing this stuff, pinapa-impress saken ni Lord that this is right and that He is excited sa time na we will spend each other. ❤

▶ Pray before you read.
Ask Jesus to help you concentrate and that therr are no other distractions. Ask God to open your spiritual eyes and ears.

▶ Read the Word carefully, prayerfully, and thoughtfully.
Parang pagkain lang daw yan. If you eat fast, it will slow down your metabolism and you won’t feel full and at the same time hindi mo na-enjoy yung pagkain mo. I was rebuked on this kasi hindi lang mabilis akong kumain, mabilis din ang quiet time ko. Ayun, with that I need to establish a quality time with God. Walang distractions. Walang kung anuman.

▶ Apply what you read.
Dito ako madalas ma-yari. Hanggang pagbabasa lang ako. Hindi man lang inaapply which is wrong. You have to apply. You have to be obedient. OBEDIENCE. Big word! Often times, there are passages that I read over and over again pero yung impact so unique. So personal. Akmang-akma sa situation. Yan si God.

▶ Put what you read into action.
Sabi nga, to truly experience God’s power you must put into actions what His Word says. This one sets us apart from people who only know God and do not have a relationship with Him. Everyone knows God, right? Even demons know who He is.

▶ Keep a spiritual diary.
Ayan.. yan na ang ginagawa ko ngayon. Actually may journal ako. Pero I realized yung nilalagay ko sa journal is sa lahat ng mga nangyayari sa buhay ko. Yung mga rants ko, mga gusto ko, mga nangyari sa araw na yun, etc. But this ‘spiritual diary’ is totally different pala. This has something to do with compiling all your thoughts about a particular topic. Putting your thoughts about what you read into words serves two purposes: It crystallizes the lessons and reinforces them in your mind so you will be more likely to remember them when opportunities to apply them arise. It also serves as a useful review.

▶ Memorize.
Eto nahihirapan ako. Pero naisip ko, nagagawa ko ngang magspend ng time to memorize the lyrics of Frozen OST eto pa kaya na mas importante. Hmmm.. Gawan ko nga ng folder yung mga Bible verses. At ngayon ko lang na-realize ang imprtance ng pag-memorize ng mga Bible verses. That is it will be easier for me to encourage others na yung pag eencourage ko sa iba is truly from the Bible wala ng iba.

▶ Don’t be overly concerned if you don’t understand something.
Eto na-gets ko kaagad kasi alam ko naman mahina ako when it comes to understanding things on just a snap. It will take time. And of course it is God’s grace na maiintindihan natin.

▶ Don’t worry about all the details of Bible history and geography.
Sabi nga ni Pastor Joshua kahapon sa Foundation for Victory na training na do not worry so much about the theogical terms as long as you know the heart of the topics and you fully understand it.

▶ Spice it up.
The four Gospels, Psalms, and Proverbs are the most read (and reread) devotional books of all time, but don’t stop there. Variety is the spice of life—and a key to making your times of spiritual feeding a daily high point.

Ayan.. To apply what I read, here is my game plan:

▶ Every other day akong magbabasa ng Word ni God.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday after shift. May reason bakit yan yung mga araw. Kasi Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday may mga activities after shift.
Why every other day and not everyday? This is for me to start the routine. Ang una kong naisip dito is yung sa diet and workout ko. I remembered the time I started to get healthy and get fit. I took it slowly. One step at I time just to establish the habit of getting healthy and working out. Same goes sa spiritual feeding ko. Slowly. One step at a time.

▶ I am keeping my spiritual diary.
Eto na yun.

▶ Plan out what I will read.
I am going to read two chapters starting from: Matthew, Psalms, Mark, Proverbs, Luke, Ruth, John, Malachi, Acts, in order.

▶ Create a folder here for the Bible Verses I need to memorize.

Yan… That sums up the things I have to do for my quality spiritual feeding. I aim for quality not just for quantity.

Lord, help me to grow and glow in my relationship woth you through having a qualtiy spritual feeding. This may not be knew to me anymore but this reminds and rebuke me kasi hindi ko nagagawa ito. Busyness is not an excuse. I have to make time for you in order for this relationship to grow. Ayokong ikaw lang ang nagwowork sa relaltionship na ito. Even couples have to exert effort to make each other haply. Gusto ko ganun din ako sayo. Maraming salamat sa pag-rebuke saken. Salamat kasi mahal mo ako at hinding-hindi mo ako iiwan kailanman. Mahal kita, Lord. Always.

-Tin ❤

Tin Regis – Property of God

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