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Five Fun Facts about Tin on Food

It’s the end of the month (and year) again! And it’s time to get to know who Tin Regis is outside the artsy stuff. 😊

Five fun facts about me on FOOD with hugot on the side. Haha.

– I’m doing the blood type diet plan for about four months now. (Ano type mo? Baka match tayo. 😂)
– I drink lemon water with 4 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and honey first thing in the morning. (Para magising ng tuluyan.)
– I’m not a fan of sweets. (Kaya siguro hindi ako sweet.)
– Dark chocolate is my preference. (Kaya siguro bitter din ako.)
– Lastly, I’m a no-soda person. (Tubig na lang. Tipid pa.)

Have a blessed 2017 y’all! Let’s continue to inspire and inch people close to Him one letter at a time! ☝️

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