My First Seven Jobs

This may be an overdue entry of the recent hype of celebrities, colleagues, and friends of their first seven jobs.

Well, I only have one legit job – being an IT practitioner. I was favored that God gave me parents who were willing to sacrifice everything they have just to give their daughters proper education and graduate in college without working part time.

To join the hype, I traveled back in my childhood days through the scanned pictures available. Thank God for technology! Our pictures way back were preserved! Teeehee!

Okay, Here we go.

1. For my first job, I remembered being an office assistant at my Dad’s office. During weekends, Papa would always bring me with him. My primary role was to be his utusan. Haha! But the reward was so enticing – free miryenda! This photo was taken when we were fetched by one of the drivers. The perks!



2. One of the things I treasured during my high school (…and college) is the fact that I was one of the stage actors. Being the bibo kid back then, main and supporting roles were given to me. Some of the major roles I played were Laura (Florante and Laura), Sisa (Noli Me Tangere), and Mathilde (The Necklace). Even in college, I was given an opportunity to stage play!



3. Then I entered the real world in 2009 and became an IT practitioner. Fifteen days after graduating in Tacloban, I tried my luck in the IT industry and landed being a programmer in a small company residing at the busiest city in the metro, Makati. Been a developer for almost a year and a half before Accenture Inc. came into the picture. Being a programmer isn’t easy. IT’S JUST NOT. The technical stuff I learned in the university was only 10% of the real thing. No formal training. Just self-study and a whole lot of determination.



Then came Accenture Inc. in the picture. As of this writing, I am almost six years working with them. From one team to another, from one technology to another, and from one level to the next. With these years, I became a developer, a build support, a coordinator, and non-prod support. Aside from being a practitioner, I was given an opportunity to lead a team and be a career counselor.



4. God gave me an opportunity to work outside the Philippines through Accenture’s GCP program i.e. to be assigned on-site. As of this writing, I am assigned in St. Louis, Missouri (home of the Blues and Cardinals!) and gained a bunch of friends. And due to public demand of our so-called service, we came up with a group named Bhem and Friends Party Services that caters an all-around party amenities and program (if necessary). Haha! Basically, we just help out our friends’ party through pumping balloons, lettering, and on-the-day preparations.


For inquiries, just message Bhem in Facebook. Minimum of one week notice. 🙂

5. Being one of the Titas of St. Louis (derived from Titas of Manila), I was happy to babysit Aedi one time together with my flatmate. She’s super makulit and bibo! Yeah, I became a babysitter not just once but twice!


6. Lastly (for now), I’ve found a new hobby! Just last January 2016 I found myself doing brush calligraphy and later delve into handlettering too. From grace to grace, I gained my confidence on my craft thus tagged myself as a self-taught lettering artist. Lakas ng loob at kapal ng mukha. Materials that I usually use are brush pens, nibs, and watercolor. I am continually making myself better in this craft. Learning never stops! Currently, I am researching on how to digitize my works and study Spencerian and Copperplate scripts for calligraphy.

Oh, by the way, God gave me an opportunity to be one of the members of Tombow Philippines‘ Creative Design Team! This is so exciting!


I’m truly grateful of these so-called jobs I experienced and currently doing. I still have one more slot (my seventh). I don’t know what will it be. Maybe a wife? Maybe a missionary? God only knows. For the mean time, I’m gonna enjoy this season – an IT-practitioner-slash-lettering-artist.

Truly God’s plans are the best plan we could ever experience. 🙂

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand. -Proverbs 19:21 (ESV)

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