50 Random Facts About Me

It’s end of the month again! It’s time for me blog. Haha. This time I’m gonna be bandwagoning with the blogosphere! In blogs and vlogs, I’m seeing this 50 Facts About Me thing. I might as well create one. Maybe you’ll be a little bit interested. Kidding!

  1. I’m an ambivert.
  2. I was a comsci graduate at UP Visayas Tacloban College.
  3. That was also an opportunity to be a DOST scholar for two years.
  4. Yep, I’m a Taclobanon. Proud Waray. Don’t mess up with us. LOL.
  5. Despite being Waray, most people in Manila (where I worked before heading to US) tell that I don’t have the Waray accent.
  6. Theater Arts was the course I really dreamed of taking up.
  7. I quit dance troupe during high school and college to focus on my studies.
  8. Since my surname is Regis, I always end up sitting at the back.
  9. I memorized Under The Sea and Belle of Disney OSTs.
  10. Yep, even the rap and the exchange of dialogues parts.
  11. I was once part of a choir at school. Unfortunately we hadn’t had any performance. It got dissolved after a week.
  12. Hua Ze Lei was my first crush in F4 of Meteor Garden.
  13. I once had an ultimate confession of my feelings that turned out to be an unrequited stuff. Now I can laugh of all the things I did. Nag-move-on na ako, bes. 
  14. Ghost Fighter was my childhood anime series. (Oh, also Dragon Ball Z!)
  15. Princess Hours was my favorite Korean series of all times.
  16. Speaking of movie series, I can finish one season in a day. Hardcore, huh?
  17. I can stay at home for a week of not going out ever. Yes I can!
  18. During evening, I always unpack my bag. It’s a habit every single day.
  19. I’m a list maker.
  20. Budget-freak since I was a kid.
  21. I eat to be filled up. I don’t eat for taste. Boring, huh?
  22. During grocery time, I will always go through each aisle.  I spent almost 1.5 hours in the supermarket.
  23. I’m fascinated with tattoos, but would never get one myself.
  24. I want to go back to school. Maybe for a master’s degree. Haven’t figured out yet.
  25. F.L.A.M.E.S., C.A.M.E.L., and H.O.P.E. were the thing during grade and high school.
  26. I prepare my food.
  27. Pork is not in my food list.
  28. Oh, and beef, too!
  29. And I don’t have a sweet tooth.
  30. I’m always day dreaming.
  31. If you won’t talk to me, I won’t talk to you.
  32. People always describe me as a bubbly person.
  33. No matter how bubbly a person is, they often cry before going to sleep. I’m one of them.
  34. and I don’t have friends in my neighborhood. I rarely go out.
  35. I can’t speak Bisaya. It’s just so hard!
  36. I never had a debut party when I got 18.
  37. Black coffee with brown sugar is my preference.
  38. No matter how pagod I am, I always take a shower before going to sleep.
  39. I once had a pixie cut. I’m planning to have another one.
  40. I dream of publishing my own coloring book – full of lettering and doodles!
  41. Travel is not my thing but I wanted to go to places with my loved ones.
  42. Batanes, Philippines is my dream solo travel.
  43. My waistline goal is 26. Upon this writing, I’m already 27.5 inches from 32.0! 1.5 more to shred!
  44. I sold yema, graham balls, and polvoron at school. Talk about business. Haha.
  45. During summer vacation, I only stay at home – no vacations or so whatever.
  46. That’s how I became light complexioned – that’s the natural way to do it, guys.
  47. I find nerd guys (with wide-framed glasses) cool.
  48. US is my first out-of-the-country trip. Not just trip but a year-long stay outside the Philippines.
  49. Winter is my least favorite. I despise the cold.
  50. Lastly, my writer’s muse rarely comes. So when she passes by, no matter how pagod, I try to blog. As of this writing, it’s 12:33AM and I am just typing with my eyes half closed.

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